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Blast Annual 2020 Volume 2 (7th July 2020) (Spectrum 48K/128K, Magazine)

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Halls Of The Things (Crystal Computing)
I enjoy playing this game despite its many flaws because it has immense character and a sense of being there when you play it.
Bionic Commando (Capcom)
The iconic rope-swinging action, climbing and grappling mechanics are implemented remarkably well.
Shadow Of The Beast (Ocean)
The decision to release the game exclusively on cartridge also played a significant role in the game's success, providing near-instantaneous loading times and easier data access.
Trashman (New Generation)
One of those games that you grow to love more as you play it. I still play it now, 35 years later.
Kat Trap (Streetwise)
A really fun and enjoyable game... If you love shoot-'em-ups and blasting away at lots of enemies you will love it.
Stonkers (Imagine)
I really enjoyed this back in the day. Graphics are quite colourful for the map and units are identifiable.
Kwik Snax (Codemasters)
The C64 version bears no resemblance to the other versions, with programmer Jason Benham creating something closer in style to Pac-Man than Pengo.
Usagi Yojimbo (Firebird)
One of the most engrossing action-adventure games seen on the C64, offering players a sense of exploration and discovery in a world that, even today, still feels remarkably alive.
Chase H.Q. (Taito)
Taito's remarkably fine conversion retains the core game mechanics from the arcade, and features a fast and fluid rolling road routine, chunky-yet-detailed graphics and responsive controls.
Street Hassle (Melbourne House)
The oversized cartoon sprites give the game a genuinely unique look, which sets it apart from most other C64 releases.
Ghostbusters (Activision)
A simple yet brilliantly conceived mash-up of business management and arcade gaming genre, with players operating their very own Ghostbusters franchise.
Dragon Crystal (Sega)
A double-edged sword of risk-versus-reward that remains truly intoxicating throughout the whole adventure.
Android Two (Vortex)
An extremely simple, playable, challenging and well crafted game, and is great whether you've got ten minutes or a couple of hours to spare. It works well either way.
Alpharay (Psytronik)
This game has pretty much everything you would expect from a decent side-scrolling shooter including that elusive 'just one more go' quality.
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Rikib80)
Stylish and unusual, this is definitely worth playing.
Adventure Park (Gaborc Varga)
Adventure Park packs a great deal of adventuring, it is a solid platform that doesn't offer much that is new but looks and sounds gorgeous considering the limitations of the system. A great deal of fun from start to finish.
Chopper Command (Team Chopper Command)
A fun conversion that will bring back many nostalgic gaming memories. However, some may feel the long term appeal is limited.
Keystone Kapers (Antonio Savona)
The upgraded graphics of this C64 version do a really good job. The intro bitmap looks great, and Kelly is a well-animated if rather portly hero.
Frostbite (RGCD)
I love the Atari original, and this is a very cool conversion. Stay frosty!
Adventures In Time (Psytronik)
Fantastic presentation, graphics and sound, which most people may have thought nigh on impossible to squeeze out of a humble 8-bit computer like this.
The Lands Of Zador (Stefan Mader)
A fantastic platformer sequel which improves on the original with better graphics and gameplay and completely eradicates the flaws that were apparent mainly due to the dodgy flick screen mechanics of the first game.
Super Mario Bros. 64 (Zeropaige)
Being a huge fan of the NES original, and a loyal fan since, I went into this version skeptical. Oh my, how surprised I was - this is one very faithful conversion and it plays like a dream.
Xplode Man (Skoro)
A decent, fun-to-play Bomberman clone that retains most of what makes the original so good. Music and sound effects are so addictive they are a real standout feature of the game.
Precinct 20: Dead Strange (Psytronik)
A very unusual and well-designed game that breaks the barriers of what is possible with SEUCK.
Sidwave Shooter (Ras Bolding)
This is a very basic shoot-'em-up. The player's small ship flies over space and then platforms, fighting off attacking ships and tanks. There's better out there.
Desatranques Jaen (Commodore Spain)
The music and loading screen are extra presentation touches, but the gameplay won't keep you captivated for long.
Santron (Sarah Jane Ivory)
Deck the holly, blast the boughs and shoot up the halls!
Space Orbs (RGCD)
A pleasing puzzle game that is best played in short bursts.
Street Defender v1.6 (Jim64)
A game designed for use with a set of virtual reality goggles for use with the C64. Without the goggles it looks odd, and the graphics are not very sophisticated.
Lily Lander (Turtlepanda)
It takes a few goes to get used to the controls so you will be seeing the splash animation a lot. But once you get the hang of jumping it is a fun little diversion.
Bugout (Skleptoid)
The graphics are good and it looks complex for something made with this particular "creation" tool. What is not clear is how long the player will keep playing, with the smaller enemies difficult to hit.
The Great Escape 115% (Elysium)
Worth playing if you were a fan of the original, but for everyone else it is best to consult a map/playing guide to help you get used to the game.
Aliens: Neoplasma (SaNchez)
With brilliant graphics and tunes, this is a sci-fi adventure gaming classic of its time.
Maze Death Rally X (Tom Dalby)
The single best thing this remake does is convince the player that it is a title that could have easily have been released back in the day, rather than be a modern homebrew title.
Manic Pietro (Matra)
If you're a Spectrum or Nintendo fan, and you like platform games, you'll probably love this one.
Booty: The Remake (Matra)
A perfect example of how to pay homage to an old classic. It captures the spirit of the original while offering a brand new challenge.
P. T. M. (Narwhal)
I appreciate the tight deadline for the ZX MIA contest and this is an ambitious effort with nice ideas. But the game is let down by a large number of flaws which unfortunately turn good into average.
Sardonic (Penisoft)
A missed opportunity for what could have been a very good game.
Rade Runner (Iadvd)
This is a typical La Churrera game. You can move left, right and jump around. There's nothing really wrong with it but it's like most other games of this type, created with this engine. It doesn't offer anything new.
Atlantis ZX (Luca Bordoni)
You might call this a casual game. It's good for a blast if you're short on time.
Yazzie (RetroSouls)
A wonderful, polished and well presented game. A lot of fun to play but far too easy, even for the average player.
Astro Blaster (Matt Jackson)
I pretty much liked everything about this game. Gameplay, graphics and sound are all on point in comparison to the original arcade game.
Elon Musk With Jetpack (Matra)
Perhaps there just isn't room for two Jetpacs in this world.
Ninjakul 2: The Last Ninja (Matra)
The presentation is second-to-none, from the start menu, to the cut-scenes, to the game itself. I'll still be playing it long after you've finished reading this.
Moon's Fandom Festival (Iadvd)
I really wanted to like this game more as it's a bit different to most games and the concept is entertaining, on paper at least, with its use of pop culture references. But after a while it's not as fun as it might have been.
Mister Kung-Fu (Matra)
If you are a fan of the original game there's a great deal of enjoyment to be gained from playing this... The graphics capture the spirit of the original perfectly.
Ludic Break The Loop (Osmobit Games)
One of the best presented games I have seen in a very long time.
Pinball Dreams (Batman Group)
A cracking game, stunningly gorgeous, a dream to play, with tunes to make your ears sing... An instant Amstrad CPC classic to be loved for years to come.
Phantomas 2.0 (Matra)
An awesome-looking game... A great tribute and remake that perhaps could have been improved ever so slightly in a few areas.
Xracing (Santiago Ontanon)
The winner of the MSX DEV 2018 content is a fast racer, getting your adrenaline pumping. Interesting techniques have been used in the coding to make it an entertaining and very likable car racing sim/management game.
Buddhagillie (GWS Workshop)
A masterful piece of old school arcade shoot 'em up joy and could have sat next to the big arcade shooters of the day holding its own. If you love shooters, you'll love it.
The Awakening (Oniric Factor)
The graphics are detailed and colourful in their own way, each background screen provides a lovely visual experience from start to finish of this dystopian futuristic world.
Linez (Wim Dewijngaert)
This is a great little entry level puzzler for younger audiences but as an adult there just isn't enough of a challenge here to keep you interested.
Twinlight (RetroSouls)
Your brain thinks the level is easy to complete, then soon realizes that screens can open up, forcing you to work out how to get the light beam to the other side without failing. This sort of gameplay makes a great game ever better!
Uchusen Gamma (Juan J. Martinez)
Play this now, you will be smiling for weeks. It's one of the best games on the MSX period.
Legendary Warrior Rygar (Graeme Cowie)
An excellent conversion of a very average game.
Reshoot-R (Amigashop)
A horizontal shooter that looks and feels like a commercial grade game with its high production values.
Tyvarian (Rusty Pixel)
Another highly polished product from Rusty Pixels. I was pleasantly surprised with the silky smooth movement of your character, which makes for wonderful playability.
Baggers In Space (Rusty Pixel)
This is basically Activision's H.E.R.O. in space, with a bit of Jetpac thrown in. You might not think that's highly original but the game is so perfectly polished and well balanced that you're past caring once you start playing.
XenoCrisis (Bitmap Bureau)
Graphically awesome, and much better than I expected. I was totally absorbed by the fast, intense gameplay.
Project Blue (Toggle Switch)
An original, fun game that blows my mind with its gritty, dark, post-apocalyptic plot, fantastic gameplay, numerous boss battles, smooth controls, exceptional graphics, incredible sounds and many in-game wonders to discover.
Galagon (Champ Games)
Another top notch release from Champ Games that will blow your minds. This is the leading candidate for the 'Best Homebrew Game' award from the Atari Awards 2019 award show!
Pro Bowling (Edward A Smith)
Depending where the meter is when you press the button, determines the shot.
1 Vs. 1: Three-Point Play (Edward A Smith)
This new rendition is programmed from the ground up and utilizes 16k to bring you a realistic basketball experience and should be considered as Atari's 'RealSports Basketball'...!
Wizard Of Wor Arcade (Champ Games)
All of the excitement, atmosphere and speech from the original has been translated beautifully to this cartridge... You'll hardly believe you're playing an Atari 2600 game.
Bass Fishing Tournament (Anthony Quinlan)
There are rumours of a big ol' lunker lurking around the depths, but he very rarely pops his head out. Although he will put up a decent fight, so be prepared, it will not be easy.
Amoeba Jump (Dion Olsthoorn)
The screen wraps around, which means that the amoeba can leave one side of the screen and immediately reappear on the opposite side. You're going to need this to reach some platforms!
Dragon's Descent (Todd Furmanski)
This game is, among other things, an experiment in procedural maze generation for the Atari 2600.
Beast (Nomad)
Be careful of the onslaught of stones, bats, insects, snakes and mystical eyes along the way. To avoid being hit, you must attack some and deflect others.

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