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Big K #12 (19th November 1984) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3, Magazine)

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Poster Painter (Taskset)
The sound is good, as are the graphics, but the program is slightly repetitive.
Quinx (Supersoft)
One of the most original games I have come across in a long while.
Headache (Firebird)
A standard ladders and platforms game. It may be cheap but it doesn't have the kind of appeal that makes you want to shell out the cash.
Kikstart (Mr. Chip)
You get to choose lots of nice obstacles to fall from, hedges, barrels, buses, that kind of thing and the controls bear a passing resemblance to the real thing.
Flyer Fox (Tymac)
There are some strange ideas about the art of language but the graphics are pretty neat and all things considered, it's quite a passable game.
Quango (Interceptor Micros)
Because the maze is so damn sharp on the corners, it's tough to beat hazards which move so quickly.
Empire (Shards)
Pretty unexciting. The graphics are clear, the gameplay functional, but it all adds up to treacly action and the slow grind of territorial gains.
The Great Space Race (Legend)
A major disappointment; a retrograde step from a company that thus far gave us innovation and quality. Charging £15 for this should be considered the next worst thing to vandalism.
Crypt Capers (Software Projects)
Left me sandy, dishevelled and totally addicted. Something of a treasure, I'd say!
Manic Miner (Software Projects)
An unforgiving game on any format... but it's nice to see they've chosen the Mode 1 screen display, a pig to animate characters on but twice the detail and worth the effort.
Devils Causeway (Warlock)
Little more than moving a figure along a line and reacting to a number of naff random challenges! It's totally pathetic.