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Amstrad Action #58 (1st July 1990) (Amstrad CPC464, Magazine)

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Cyberball (Domark)
A futuristic sports sim that's right on the numbers. Hugely varied... Lovely metal-hits-metal sounds too.
Bloodwych (ImageWorks)
At last, a role-play game that works! Split-screen excellence... Clear, solid and strong.
Astro Marine Corps (Dinamic)
Great stuff! Easy enough for the beginner to start, while being hard enough to test the best at the finish. Pretty huge monsters to meet, greet and kill too!
Klax (Domark)
Awesome, really...! Simply irresistible but warning, you will get hooked!
Vendetta (System 3)
A bit of a plod if you're not into isometric 3D puzzlers, but a polished example of the genre.
Defenders Of The Earth (Enigma Variations)
Great licence, but overly difficult. Brilliant theme music though.
Cecco Collection (Hewson)
Raffaele Cecco has become something of our hero over the last few years; if you give the Collection a shot he may become your hero too!
The Cycles (Accolade)
Motorcycle racing for the extremely timid! 10mph looks pretty much the same as 100mph - it's just harder to stay on the tarmac!
Slapfight (The Hit Squad)
Packed backdrops, average sounds and a strong shoot-'em-up hook... Darned good!
Head Over Heels (The Hit Squad)
A 3D isometric adventure with cute graphics and a cute tune... Head Over Heels is a great example of a genre that has unjustly passed on into the mists of time.
Daley Thompson's Super Test (The Hit Squad)
The fatal flaw of this style of game is that it takes almost as much energy to play on computer as it does in real life!
Escape From Singe's Castle (Encore)
Tough but short, each level needs perseverance to see you through.
The Hunt For Red October (Grandslam)
A simulator that's too real... Red October is extremely complex. But stick with it and there's a lot to learn.
Italy 1990 (US Gold)
One of the best soccer sims ever on the CPC. If the tournament had been tougher it would have claimed the mantle of the best full stop.
Liverpool (Grandslam)
The ball - which often appears square - bounces as if the game was being played in lunar gravity, while tackling proves nigh-on impossible!
Manchester United (Krisalis)
Won't win any silverware this season but they give a better account of themselves than certain Merseyside computer teams you could mention!
Impossamole (Gremlin)
Monty Mole is ace! Great platform action that hasn't lost any of its charm.