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Amstrad Action #45 (1st June 1989) (Amstrad CPC464, Magazine)

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The Deep (US Gold)
A reasonable blow-'em-up, but there is just too little here to interest the serious games player for more than five minutes.
Obliterator (Psygnosis)
A huge spaceship to explore, which should keep you busy for hours. But the odd controls are a big turn-off.
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Audiogenic)
You ain't played footie on your CPC till you've mastered this!
Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (Gremlin)
The balance of the game is right, as it places good fun, fast and furious football first. The two player option is a boon.
Street Gang Football (Codemasters)
A good idea and hard work have been squandered, and the disappointing result is a monstrously boring and needlessly fiddly game.
Microprose Soccer (Microprose)
A cracking game... at an outrageous price!
Run The Gauntlet (Ocean)
With a few reservations, I recommend this game. But if you don't have a disk drive, then forget it immediately - life is too short for that multi-load!

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