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Amstrad Action #38 (1st November 1988) (Amstrad CPC464, Magazine)

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The Empire Strikes Back (Domark)
Poor design, not enough stages, too easy and occasionally crashes. Save your energy for a more intellectual pastime like fly swatting.
Game Over 2 (Imagine)
Game Over was a fun shoot-'em-up, and this is a good game too.
Vindicator (Imagine)
Three stages to complete, with the action varying in each one. I liked playing this game but the controls got right up my nose.
Gold Silver Bronze (Epyx)
Winter Games still has excellent graphics, even after two years but the multi-load on cassette and high price on disk are severe disadvantages.
Road Blasters (US Gold)
Compared with Overlander, this is slightly better, but it is just a bit too easy to play and it gets boring rather more quickly than you'd hope.
The Train (Accolade/Electronic Arts)
The combination of arcade and simulation works well, but the constant air attacks are irritating.
By Fair Means Or Foul (Superior)
Superior has been quiet for a long time, but they're back with a bang.
Leaderboard Par 3 (US Gold)
Computer golfers will find plenty to do with this, but if you're not an avid player then you might find the compilation just a little too narrow in scope.
Karate Ace (Star Games)
If you're a fanatical combat gamer you'll find this compilation unbeatable, but seven combat games may be just too much for people with a more delicate stomach.
Summertime Specials (US Gold)
Six for the price of one is excellent value for money, and with compilations that's often the deciding factor.
Vectorball (Mastertronic)
Fast scrolling and well-designed pitches. But confusing controls detract from the game.
Thing (Players)
Smooth scrolling graphics but boring after just a few minutes.
Metaplex (Addictive Games)
For ¤3 you can expect to be excited to death, and with Metaplex you won't be. Addictive should stick to strategy games.
GM Chess (Camel Micros)
Reasonable introduction to chess, although not as good as Colossus Chess 4.0. Its appeal is limited to chess buffs.
Ingrid's Back (Level 9)
Playing the game is a pleasure, with each module having a different feel to it. There's novelty in the first, challenge in the second and detective work in the third.
Lancelot (Level 9)
When Lancelot hits the high notes, it certainly matches anything the company have done so far... but the low notes seem even more depressing as a result.