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Rodman (Thefuturewas8bit) (Amstrad/C16/C64/Vic-20/Spectrum/MSX/Oric/Atari)
All formats of RodMan play very close to each other... I would say that the graphical full screen charm of the Commodore Vic-20 version is the best one though.
Organism (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
The atmosphere is excellent and the challenge deep... Expect to be searching the corridors of the UTS Heracles for some time.
Pains 'N Aches (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
There's a massive map to explore and some interesting puzzles to overcome, with a lot of depth and playability.
Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe (CollectorVision) (Commodore 64/128)
This is quite a demanding game, with good timing and careful jumps needed to traverse the many screens.
Mono (Clay Spoerri) (Commodore 64)
The boss fights at the end of each of the six levels are nicely done, but the biggest drawback is how easy the game is.
Shadow Switcher (Dr. Wuro Industries) (Commodore 64/128)
I cannot put this down... An amazingly simple platform game so well thought of and implemented, it actually makes the ordinary C64 colour palette look cool.
Aviator Arcade II (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
A very impressive game let down by the difficulty curve.
L' Abbaye Des Morts (Double Sided Games) (Commodore 64/128)
Another high-quality release from Antonio, and a great debut from Double-Sided Games. Although the number of rooms is quite small, the challenge is quite high.
Space Moguls (Protovision) (Commodore 64/128)
A superb tribute to the classic M.U.L.E., with modern presentation and brilliant multiplayer fun just like a classic board game.
Counterweight Kate (Cogitare Computing) (Commodore 64/128)
This is a sweet and charming platform game with a hard edge. It may lack longevity but the price of just $1 is very attractive.
Farming Simulator C64 (Giants) (Commodore 64/128)
Although the boxed edition is very well presented (including the CD sleeve looking like a floppy disk), the price is very high for such a limited game. That said, collectors have already made this highly sought after.
Steel Ranger (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
Another stunning release from Lasse, building on the impressive Hessian to create another thrilling game world to explore.
Hunter's Moon Remastered (Thalamus Ltd) (Commodore 64/128)
Thalamus Digital starts off with an exceptional release, a superb update to a great game.
Rocky Memphis And The Legend Of Atlantis (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
The sprites are huge...! It looks terrific and in perspective throughout the entire game.
Arhena The Amazon: Special Edition (The New Dimension) (Commodore 64/128)
The cave sequence is good, but there are times when lots of sprites on screen causes slowdown. There are also areas where sections of the map are repeated. That makes the game feel more repetitive.
Portal (Jamie Fuller) (Commodore 64/128)
The spirit and humour of Valve's Portal is still alive in this C64 conversion. It's just a shame there are not more levels to get your teeth into.
Digger (Hokuto Force) (Commodore 64/128)
A fairly competent conversion of a very old game, which will not last a long time in the memory. The official C64 Mr. Do conversion remains at the top of its class.
Single Button Games Collection (K&A Plus) (Commodore 64/128)
There's fun to be had with the selection on this tape - whether or not you have the SiBUGA controller they were designed for.
Iceblox Plus (Psytronik) (Commodore 64)
A fun diversion... It compares well with other "Pengo style" games on the Commodore 64, with a cute graphical style.
International Karate Ultimate (CSDB) (Commodore 64/128)
This is a superb update of a brilliant fighting game, adding more than just new backgrounds. So much has been packed into it that it feels like a new game, and the many options prove to be fascinating.
Sky Diving (Hokuto Force) (Commodore 64/128)
After a nice loading screen and well-presented title sequence, the game itself is nicely drawn, although needing to use Fire and Space is a little awkward.
Soccer War (Commodore Spain) (Commodore 64/128)
I had many a laugh while playing, the concept is bonkers for sure, but I love football so I had a great time playing this game.
Tetris MP (MP Software) (Commodore 64/128)
It's Tetris, so you already know if you will like playing it. A decent effort all round.
Speedball Duology (Excess) (Commodore 64/128)
This is the definitive version of Speedball 2 for the C64 and a clever technical achievement too.
Tower Of Rubble (Tomxx) (Commodore 64/128)
An impressive debut game that is fun to pick up and play.
Trolley Follies (Black Castle) (Commodore 64/128)
A clever idea that will grow on the player, with lasting appeal in the form of the Level editor.
Yoomp! 64 (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
A highly enjoyable game that will challenge the dexterous player.
Super Mario Brothers (Zeropaige) (Commodore 64/128)
A technically impressive port that provides a very faithful recreation of the original title.
XXV (Hokuto Force) (Commodore 64/128)
It falls short of being a "must play" game, but try it and see! How long you'll enjoy it will depend on how hooked you become.
Mancave (Psytronik) (Commodore 64/128)
Stylish but tricky fun from Megastyle. It makes a great first impression, with its tiny animated characters and superb soundtrack filled with great covers.
Mah (RGCD) (Commodore 64/128)
A game that takes time to master and will not appeal to everyone.
The Dawn Of Kernel (usebox.net) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
A game that simply demands to be played, so get blasting...! It's just a shame you only have one life to work with.
Top Top: Revised 2018 Edition (Rantan Games) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The tune might be basic in nature but it is incredibly catchy even the birds outside my window started to sing. 20 levels of wonderful platforming co-op puzzle fun.
Pinball Dreams (Batman Group) (Amstrad CPC464)
A great technical achievement while, at the same time, providing a wonderful quick pick-up-and-play experience... Never really feels tiresome at any stage.
The Shadows Of Sergoth (Kukulcan) (Amstrad CPC464)
I was totally mesmerised right from the moment I booted this up... The graphics, the title music and gameplay are all unbelievable.
The World War Simulator Part 2 (Retrobytes) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
This is quite an easy game to complete, but there is enough here to keep you entertained for some time.
Galactic Tomb (Artaburu) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Sure, you will love this shoot-'em-up, but I feel it is lacking the elements of fun and challenging battles that would take it from a fab game to an absolutely epic one.
Robbie Strikes Back (Playonretro) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
There is much to like about developer Salvador Cantero's fun and very cute looking homage to the original ZX Spectrum game Pssst.
Ghosts 'N Goblins: 2018 Remake (Xifos) (Amstrad CPC464+/GX4000)
Highly enjoyable... It's certainly a game where the desire to play just one more time is strong, just to get a little further.
Operation Alexandra (4MHz) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The winner of CPCRetroDev 2018 is truly the greatest accomplishment on the CPC for years... Deserves to be played by as many people as possible.
Jarlac (Retrobytes) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Not hack 'n slash platforming at its best, but Jarlac has some awesome tunes, colourful large sprites, is a lot of fun and sure is a cool game to play.
Legend Of Steel (TOD Studios) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
A highly enjoyable game for sure, challenging and frustrating at the same time.
The Adventures Of Timothy Gunn (CNGSoft) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
A lovely bit of shoot-'em-up, mobster-blasting fun.
OPQA Vs. QAOP: The Final Battle (Manuel Sagra) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Excellent graphics, a great soundtrack, varied options, responsive controls, and good lastability make this a super effort all around.
77 Attempts (Unknown Designs) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
This is a fine example of what can be accomplished in terms of platforming greatness on the CPC.
Earth Defender (Carlos Perezgrin) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
For a first time homebrew game on the CPC for this developer, it's such a cool idea and very well executed.
Ninja Gaiden: Shadow Warriors (Yuri Potapov) (Spectrum 128K)
The game does not push the Spectrum to its limits or offer a great deal more than the original Gameboy title but it is fantastic fun while it lasts.
Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey (Matra) (Spectrum 128K/+2)
A triumph in both design and execution... It unashamedly pushes every nostalgia button and is all the better for it.
Gandalf (Matra) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
A wonderful surprise. I instantly enjoyed the gameplay and level design which never gets boring or repetitive.
Roust (Allan Turvey) (Spectrum 128K)
Roust raises the question of why Joust was never coded for the ZX Spectrum before. The controls and format of the game suit the machine perfectly and the result is a joy to behold.
The Adventures Of Jane Jelly: The Egg Diamond (Bum Fun) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
The game is well designed and fun to play but is not the same platforming experience or as much fun as the other games in the series. Also, it's for adults only.
Jet Set 40-40 (JSWMM) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
If you have any nostalgia for Jet Set Willy, you won't be disappointed... An extremely frustrating treat!
Harbinger 2: The Void (Apsis) (Spectrum 128K/+2)
A wonderful game... If it was released during the manufacturing life of the Spectrum, it would be up there with the best titles we so fondly remember today.
Sqij 2018 (Tardis Remakes) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
I enjoyed Sqij 2018 for what it is. However I have been able to play it on the C64 since its release and there are really no significant improvements to the gameplay to offer anything new.
Nixy The Glade Sprite (Monument Microgames) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
A perfect example of a modern Spectrum game done right. It's not just one of the best 8-Bit games released in 2018, it's one of the best games ever.
O.P.Z. (Stonechat Productions) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
For a game coded in six hours this is an absolute masterpiece.
Eurostriker (Vadir) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Attempts something admirable and comes very close to delivering. With a few tweaks in either the interactive gameplay or managerial elements this could be a very good game indeed.
All Hallows: Rise Of The Pumpkin (Bitmapsoft) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
Simple gameplay, intricate graphics, fantastic audio and that 'just one more go' magic ingredient, all help to position this game high up in the list of modern day spectrum classics.
Bobby Carrot (Aleksey Golubtsov) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
The 48k version of this game is so bad that you'd be inclined to commit bunny suicide almost immediately. However, the 128k version is so good it will rescue you from all that torment and despair.
Astrosmash ZX (AMC Games) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
The original game had more colours but, even though it has the odd bug, I'd still highly recommend it.
Prospector (AMC Games) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Apart from the invisible platforms, I really enjoyed playing this game. It's a typical platformer with a nice limited ammo gun mechanic which feels like part of the grand design rather than an afterthought.
Night Stalker ZX (AMC Games) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
A perfect rendition of the Intellivision classic.
Mister King-Fu (Matra) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
Brilliantly coded and put together, it really is an enjoyable arcade conversion/re-make. However, the high difficulty and not-so-fluid jumping manoeuvres may mar your gaming experience.
Parachute (Miguetelo) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
A highly enjoyable conversion which is a massive improvement over the Atari version, whilst retaining the simple playability of its inspiration.
Dungeon Raiders (Payndz) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
One of my favourite ZX Spectrum homebrew games of 2018. It really harks back to the old days of the pure arcade adrenaline rush I used to experience back in the early 80's, only this time at home on my living room sofa.
Mighty Final Fight (SaNchez) (Spectrum 128K/+2/+3)
An astonishing achievement that somehow manages to cram pretty much all the content from the 8-Bit console game onto the Spectrum relatively intact.
Aeon (Sunteam) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
The visuals are easy on the eye and everything on screen can be seen with ease with very minimal colour clash. If the story was fleshed out and the number of levels increased this would have the potential to be a really epic game.
Robots Rumble (Matra) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
A fun little brain teaser with a novel concept for controlling the character. Easy to pick up and play but it still takes a bit of thought to get through to the end.
Eggsterminator (Bum Fun) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
As an arcade style experience on the Spectrum, this game presses all the right buttons. It just doesn't have the longevity that other titles of this style offer.
Left Behind (Dave Hughes) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
A fantastic Manic Miner-style game which has a lot to offer but falls short on only having eight levels. It's great fun while it lasts though and well worth checking out!
Zxombies: Dead Flesh (James Broad) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
Although it looked promising at first, I got bored rather quickly, wandering around the maps without a clue what to do quickly became wondering what other games I could play instead.
Nixy The Glade Sprite II (Bubblesoft) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
We have been spoiled in 2019 with an abundance of outstanding new games for the Spectrum. If we took all the best ones and made a crown, Nixy 2 would be that beautiful jewel right in the centre.
Draconic Throne (GWS Workshop) (MSX)
One of those games where practice makes perfect... Once you mastered it, you can enjoy countless hours with this title. In my experience, it was an eye opener!
WU-M (Miyako Tako) (MSX)
It's not the type of game I enjoy. I'm sure it's a great game for people who enjoy real head scratchers, but I like a bit more action in my games.
50 Metres (Cobinee) (MSX)
It's easy! In fact, and even with 256 courses, it's probably a little too easy. This is a pick-up-for-5-minutes-at-a-time type of game with little longevity.
Buddhagillie (GWS Workshop) (MSX)
Good, not great, but definitely worth your time.
Bumper Ship Racing (Uninteresting) (MSX)
What could have been a worthy clone of an Eighties classic has ended up as a bit of a shambles.
Burn Us (Carambalan Studios) (MSX)
A bit of a disappointment and a frustrating experience. Some people might stick with it for a while, though they might end up wanting to burn themselves for real!
Inferno (Afterbyte) (MSX)
The clear and colourful graphics are a standout, as is the soundtrack. Gameplay is still very much a part of the experience.
Mayq Buster (Cobinee) (MSX)
The random dungeons and fun gameplay will keep me coming back for more.
Shoulder Blade: Overdrive (GWS Workshop) (MSX)
The graphics are gorgeous and fast paced... This is a really enjoyable game to play with a great soundtrack and, for the most part, decent controls.
Svetlan_A7 (Troll Soft) (MSX)
You've played it all before, though it is still worth checking out if you're a fan of shoot-'em-ups.
Virus LQP-79 (Pentacour) (MSX)
I highly recommend Virus. It is one of those games that will appeal to everyone, MSX enthusiast or not will enjoy it.
Z (Cobinee) (MSX)
Poor concept, rubbish controls, one life and the game ends too quickly. There is nothing I liked about the game which is a real shame, because I really looked forward to being surprised.
Stunt Car Racer (Bitshifters) (Atari XE/XL)
This Atari 8-bit version is surprisingly close to the 16-bit original and is unquestionably one of the most technically impressive games ever released for the system.
Jack The Nipper (Greg Holmes) (Atari XE/XL)
A fun and enjoyable port of a ZX Spectrum classic that will bring Atari owners hours of fun.
Skool Daze (Mariusz Wojcieszek) (Atari XE/XL)
There's absolutely nothing else out there like this on the Atari 8-bit, so that alone makes it worth playing. But not just that, Skool Daze is one of the finest games ever released!
Prince Of Persia (Bitshifters) (BBC Master 128)
This has to be the most accomplished homebrew game I have ever seen for the BBC Micro.
Phoenix (Retro Software) (BBC B/B+/Master 128)
Yet another superb arcade conversion to add to the BBC Micro's already very long list!
Centipede (Retro Software) (BBC Model B)
Without a doubt, one of the best 8-bit ports of the famous arcade game out there and a must play game for all BBC owners.
Maze Of Madness (Lurkio) (BBC B/B+/Master 128/Master Compact)
An aptly named game... I can feel my sanity slipping away while playing it!
The Darkness Of Raven Wood (Rucksack Games) (BBC/Electron)
A thoroughly enjoyable old-style text adventure with remarkable illustrations to accompany the text, both in quality and quantity. Recommended, especially for lovers of interactive fiction.
Space Phantom (Jose Aranda) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
A very solid Space Harrier-type game created in BASIC. A lot of fun.
Pink Pills (Braunert) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Old school platforming with quite a few negatives, but they aren't catastrophic. Great music.
Mike The Guitar (Braunert) (Amstrad CPC464/664)
It's a damn fine achievement for a game created with AGD but it's just seems to lack that essential enjoyment element of fun…. There are just has too many negatives.
Chibi Akumas Tragical Chase (Keith Sear) (MSX)
Humorous, with several cut-scenes to involve you in the story... Smooth gameplay and shoot-'em-up addictiveness.
Inq And Suq Vs. Nightmare (GWS Workshop) (MSX)
It's an entertaining little shoot-'em-up that is presented in a bright, colourful way, even though the name and darkness of the night setting suggests otherwise.

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