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5 Star Games (Beau-Jolly)

By Beau Jolly

Acorn Electron


Review By Dave Reeder

Published in Computer Gamer #23

Five Star Games

Five Star Games

The computer business becomes more like the music business with every month that goes by - stars, charts, promotion budgets and, increasingly, exploitation of the back catalogue. Beau Jolly is a bit like K-Tel: grab the rights to some hits, repackage them for maximum appeal and count the profits.

Not a bad scheme at all, especially when the package is as strong as this one. For just under a tenner you can pick up Geoff Capes Strongman, DeathStar, Twin Kingdom Valley, Repton and Combat Lynx. The real question is, I suppose, just how many of these you have have in your collection already? However, the cost is only just greater than one ordinary game so you can be quickly in profit yourself!

There are certainly three classics here: the excellent arcade puzzler Repton (and if you've never seen this or one of its two sequels, then you've missed a real treat), the shoot-'em-up DeathStar and the flight and warfare simulator Combat Lynx. These, I think, should all be in your collection.

The other pair are weaker: the Geoff Capes game does not inspire me at all and, although it is rumoured to be a classic, the graphic adventure Twin Kingdom Valley I find tiresome. However, this is an excellent collection, bound to please a great many BBC owners. I just wish the choice could have been a little more imaginative and adventurous...