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There are 8 known programs for the Amiga 600, divided as follows:

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Binary Asylum
ZeeWolf 2: Wild Justice (2006) (Binary Asylum) (Amiga 500/600, 3.5" Disc, English)
Friendly Learning
Sooty's Fun With Numbers (1984) (Friendly Learning) (Amiga 500/600, 3.5" Disc, English)
Hitek softworks
Barravento (1993) (Hitek softworks) (Amiga 500/600/1200, 3.5" Disc, English)
Belial (1989) (Sector) (Amiga 500/600/1200, 3.5" Disc, English)
Team 17
Worms (2005) (Team 17) (Amiga 500/600, 3.5" Disc, English)
The Hit Squad
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (2002) (The Hit Squad) (Amiga 500/600/1200, 3.5" Disc, English)
Zeppelin Games
Frankenstein (1984) (Zeppelin Games) (Amiga 500/600, 3.5" Disc, English)
World Cricket (1984) (Zeppelin Games) (Amiga 500/600, 3.5" Disc, English)

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