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Transball (2016) (MSX, ROM Cart) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Villar
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Genre: Thrust

Machine Compatibility: MSX, Toshiba MSX

Release: Professionally released On ROM Cart

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How To Play

A colourful thruster with physics and gravity, which presents ever more complex caverns through which you must navigate to rescue magical spheres.

Game Information

Original Release Date: 11th Aug 2016
Original Release Price: Unknown
Market Valuation: £5.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): Santiago Ontañón Villar  

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What They Said

"Features a large number of levels, a password system and no lives system... However, the game doesn't quite pass muster... It's too tough for all but the most hardened arcade addict." (Read Full Review)
... Everygamegoing
"Includes a cool variation of Eighties music classic Flashdance: What A Feeling." (Read Full Review)
... Micro Mart

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Introduction | Game Objective | High Scores | Passwords | Game Controls | Loading


In the distant future, the sun around your planet has died off... The only energy sources are the "energy spheres". Each of these spheres contains enough energy for a planet to survive for a whole decade, since they are charged with the energy of other stars.

An opportunist civilization has stolen all the charged spheres from your home planet, preparing for a future invasion. As a last chance, the last remaining sources of energy have been transferred to a scout ship and sent to recover the spheres... this is your last chance of survival!

Game Objective

On each level of Transball, the goal is to find the energy sphere, capture it and carry it to the upper part of the level. The main obstacle is gravity which pulls you towards the ground. But many other obstacles such as canons, tanks, doors, etc. will make your journey harder than it seems.

In order to capture the energy sphere, just touch it with your ship.

Some times, parts of a level are blocked off by doors. Some doors open or close when you grab the energy sphere, and some others require you to press buttons. To press a button, just fire upon it with your ship.

Be careful with fuel usage. Using the thrusters in the ship uses fuel, and you only have a limited amount on each level. Some levels feature a fuel recharge station. Just fly into the fuel recharge station to replenish your fuel reserves.

High Scores

There is a high score system in the game based around how fast can you complete every level. Beat each level as fast as possible and show off in youtube!


Finally, this game uses a password system, so be sure to write down those passwords if you want to continue where you left off! The password is displayed before each level starts. You can select the "password" option in the main menu to enter the level code and continue where you left off.

Game Controls

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Rotate Ship, Up Arrow Key/M - Thrust, SPACE - Fire

You may use a joystick if you prefer.

On the menu screen, the up/down arrow keys will change the selected menu item. Space/Trigger A will select a menu item.


Place cartridge into MSX and turn on.

If playing via emulation, load the '.rom' file via the emulation 'Open' or 'Load Cartridge' option.

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