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P0 Snake (2016) (Commodore 64/128, Cassette)
Publisher: Psytronik
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Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Commodore 64, Commodore 128

Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1


Available For:
Commodore 64/128

Compatible Emulators: WinVICE 2.4 x64 (PC (Windows))

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 26th Aug 2016
Original Release Price: £3.99
Market Valuation: £3.99
Series: Number 38 in Psytronik's Psytronik Tape Collection (Commodore 64)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Clear
Author(s): Antonio Savona, Aldo Chiummo & Ilkka Sjöstedt  

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P0 Snake | Introduction | Playing P0 Snake | Passwords | Trivia | Loading | Game Credits

P0 Snake

"Welcome to P0 Snake!"

Antonio Savona's award-winning puzzle/action game brings a fresh new twist to the classic snake game. Wind your way through 30 levels in this specially enhanced version of the 2014 RGCD compo winner! Avoid vicious enemies and bizarre obstacles, munch all the pills - but most importantly - steer clear of your ever-growing tail!

  1. Gorgeous high-resolution vector graphics
  2. Digitised in-game speech
  3. Single button control
  4. Classic coin-op cameos
  5. Password save system


Wind your way through 30 levels of arcade-action insanity in this specially enhanced version of the game that took the trophy in the 2014 RGCD 16Kb Game Development Competition. Featuring eight additional screens, an all-new intro sequence, bug fixes and other minor tweaks, Psytronik Software in association with RGCD is proud to present this special disk version of Antonio Savona's P0 Snake - after twenty years in the making!

Playing P0 Snake

P0 Snake is a super simple game to play - it requires just one button!

To start the game, use the joystick in port 2 and press fire to bypass the loading screen, then press fire again on the title to begin. Your goal is to eat all the pills in each level in order to progress to the next one. The quota of pills required on each level is shown by the number on the top right of the screen. The number of the current level is shown on the top left, and the number of lives you have left is shown in the bottom border.

Holding down the fire button rotates the snake counter-clockwise, whereas releasing the button rotates the snake clockwise. Alternating these two basic movements allows the snake to be steered around the screen. As you eat the dots (by passing over them), your snake will grow in length. Be careul not to crash into your own tail!

There is also a wide variety of enemies, obstacles and movement-altering terrains to discover, avoid and master. Luckily, the head is the only vulnerable part of the snake - and you'll need to use this to your advantage!


P0 Snake features a handy password system (and you'll need it!).

Ater completing every even-numbered level, you'll be given a password in the form of eight directional arrows. Make sure you make a note of these! To enter a password and continue rom a previous reached level, from the title screen push the joystick in port 2 in the correct sequence of directions (a series of arrows will apear on the screen following each directional push on the stick).


In addition to the other classic game cameos, P0 Snake once also featured a Tetris level. In adition to moving the snake using the fire button, you had to simultaneously play Tetris in the background using the four joystick directions. If you filled the screen with Tetris blocks or hit an enemy/obstacle with the snake head you would lose a lie. Although it sounds like a great idea, in practice it proved to be so incredibly difficult to play that Antonio removed the level altogether!



P0 Snake has been tested on both Pal and NTSC machines, and works on the C64, C128 and C64GS (there is no keyboard input required to play). Although it runs on NTSC hardware, it does play fractionally faster and will be harder as a direct result of this.

Game Credits

P0 is a Antonio Savona/Broken Bytes production (c) 2016.
First published on 64K C64 cartridge by RGCD 2015.
Published on C64 tape and disk by Psytronik in 2016.

Code/Graphics/Concept: Antonio Savona
Music: Aldo Chiummo
Loading Screen: Ilkka Sostedt
Packaging Artwork: Steve Day
Loading Music: Richard Bayliss
Tape Loader: Martin Piper
Manual: James Monkman
Testing: Antonelle Molella

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