A respectable graphic adventure/shoot-'em game in which you must rebuild the core of a remote planet to prevent the threat of a "Starquake".

Publisher: Bubble Bus

Tagged With: flick-screen, graphic adventure, platform, blob

Available For: Amstrad CPC464, BBC Model B, Commodore 64 & Spectrum 48K

BBC Model B 

First Released: 1st May 1987

Author(s): Kenton Price & Stephen Crow

Language(s): English

Items: Starquake (Bubble Bus, 5.25" Disc), Starquake (Bubble Bus, Cassette)

Commodore 64 

First Released: 1st Jun 1986

Author(s): Stephen Crow & Nick Strange

Language(s): English

Items: Starquake (Bubble Bus, Cassette), 10 Computer Hits 4 (Beau Jolly, Cassette), Starquake (Share Data, 5.25" Disc)

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