Games And Other Things Written by Andromeda -


The following games are known (or thought) to have been written by Andromeda

Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
(1986) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2)
Items: Crystal Castles (U. S. Gold, Cassette), Crystal Castles (Kixx, Cassette), Coin-Op Connexion (U. S. Gold, Cassette), The Gold Collection III (U. S. Gold, Cassette)
A conversion of the Atari coin-op classic, you play Bentley the bear and must clear each of the 3D landscapes of gems. It's good enough, but don't believe the excessive hype.
Eureka! Eureka!
(1984) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Adventure: Graphic
Items: Eureka! (Domark, Cassette)

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