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N.E.I.L. Android (2015) (ZX Vega, Preloaded) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Alternative
Altered Vision | Alternative | Alto-Tech

Genre: Arcade: Adventure

Machine Compatibility: ZX Vega

Release: Professionally released built-in in to the ZX Vega

Available For:
ZX Vega

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 24th Aug 2015
Market Valuation: £0.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): GOGO Grafix & ADE  

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Introduction | Playing The Game


In the year 2199, the Spaceship 'Epic' was caught in a plasma storm and forced off-course through a space warp into unknown space. Due to damage sustained during the storm, the Epic was forced to land upon an apparently uninhabited planet for urgent repairs.

Whilst there, the ship was boarded by an Alien Life Form (ALF).

Repairs made, the ship set off on its journey home to Altontron. It was then that the crew became aware of the ALF. Investigations of the ALF by the medical centre produced the following data.

  1. The ALF was a virus type of creature with an incubation period of 12 days.
  2. After 12 days, it metamorphosed into pools of slime with the ability to grow and move.
  3. After a short period, these pools became a slime walking monster.
  4. The final transformation was into a large walking slime-throwing monster, some of which appear to have the power to turn invisible.

Several crew members have were killed upon encountering the ALF. The captain of the Epic gave the order to abandon ship and the crew teleported to a nearby planetoid to await rescue. The last crew member to leave activated the ships "Cleansing" system. Its Servo droids are tasked to destroy all the ALFs on the ship. On hitting an ALF, it will self-destruct, leaving their energy rolls behind.

He also sends the following mayday message:


Playing The Game

You play the part of N.E.I.L., the half-human, half-cyborg, mercenary who can go where no human can.

Arriving at the location of the TSS Epic, you have teleported aboard to clear the ship of ALF's in order for the crew to return and continue their voyage.

At the bottom right of the screen are three Icons. From top to bottom these are:

Oxygen Counter - If this reaches 0, N.E.I.L. loses a life. This Icon will flash if 1 energy cell will transfer the energy into this.

Ammo Counter - If this reaches 0, you are out of ammo. Should you have two energy cells, pressing space will increment the ammo counter.

Smart Bomb - This requires 3 energy cells. Pressing 'space' to activate will destroy all ALF's in the room.

So there you have it, the mission is yours if you accept it. Good Luck.

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