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Everyone's A Wally (2015) (ZX Vega, Preloaded) Europe (EU)

Machine Compatibility: ZX Vega

Release: Professionally released built-in in to the ZX Vega

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K & ZX Vega

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 24th Aug 2015
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Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): Neil Strudwick & Chris Hinsley  

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Introduction | Playing The Game | Game Objective


Wally is back, this time with his family in the first ever Multi Role Arcade Adventure. Not only does Wally appear fully animated, but also Wilma, Herbert, Tom, Dick and Harry.

The purpose of the game is to find the combination for the safe and then pay the gangs wages. The combination is split and can be found in different locations. Not only must the combination be identified, but also the right items to collect the combination must be used.

The locations are many and varied, and contain zany arcade sequences which must be completed to finish the adventure.

Each character has specific abilities and it is up to the player to select which one will perform a particular task.

Playing The Game

The game starts with the whole gang in the Town Square by the Fountain. You have control of Wally, so the rest of the gang go off about their own business. As Wally cannot do everything himself, you will have to select one of the other characters, (except for Herbert, he is totally uncontrollable) to perform the various tasks. This is achieved by pressing the Character Select key while they are on the current screen.

While a character is not under your control, he or she may be carrying out other tasks, which may help or hinder you.

If you reach the edge of the screen while walking about town, you will continue to the next location. However, some of the screens have exits other than at the extreme left or right, e.g. a door or a road. To leave at these points you should press the exit key whilst in the appropriate position.

There is another, faster way of getting across town, but it is more risky than walking.

Game Objective

To complete the game, all of the pieces of the safe's combination must be taken to the safe in the correct order. To pick an object up, simply walk in front of it. It will then be exchanged for one already carried.

The two objects carried are displayed at the top of the screen.

All this rushing around is hard work, so the characters must eat and drink to keep themselves going. Wally isn't too fussy about what he eats, but the rest of the gang may be more choosy.

Each character has a part to play. Wally is a builder and odd job man by trade, so you should use him for mixing cement, etc. Wilma is Wally's wife, and so might do the shopping. Herbert, Wally and Wilma's pride and joy, doesn't do anything except get in the way.

Tom, the punk, is a mechanic, Dick is the plumber and Harry is the electrician.

You will find it necessary to complete the varied arcade sequences to obtain certain objects. In some arcade sequences, the controls will alter to suit the game.

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