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Found a Game from 34 years ago which I wrote!

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:04 pm
by Defcon1
Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this site today and was in total shock when I found a game for the Colour Genie which I wrote and marketed 34 years ago.

I've not seen the game or any screenshots for 30+ years. It's hard to believe that someone had a copy of the game, converted the tape (which I'm surprised lasted this long) into a digital format for playing on the Colour Genie Emulator.

The game in question is Alien Attack (Item ID 62938 in the database).

Tonight I loaded the emulator and got the game working. Memories from 34 years ago came flooding back. Having looked at the lines of code I still remember writing some of it.

A Big THANK YOU to the person who had a copy of the original tape and converted it. I would love to know who it was and how they got a copy of the game. Well done to the people who created the Emulator. ... ttack.html

A great web site.

Cheers, Tony Adams (Author of game 62938) :-)

Re: Found a Game from 34 years ago which I wrote!

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:41 pm
by dave_a_e
Some Colour Genie software was recovered from dusty corners of the Internet but this one was actually converted by me - using the Colour Genie Conversion Tools (which you can search for on the site) and CoolEdit 2000 to record a .wav of the tape in first place.

I have also created a Colour Genie World web site from the subset of data on Everygamegoing. You can find it here: