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BBC/ElectronLoony Loco (Kansas City Systems)A Grade A, guaranteed turkey with all the appeal of a broken ZX81.10%
Spectrum 48KSpectrum Voice Chess (Aackosoft)A good, well documented chess program, but the speech is just a gimmick.70%
Amstrad CPC464Hold Fast (Kuma Computers)A good, non-violent, thinking game of moderate interest.70%
BBC Model BOmega Probe (Optima)A good, fast and colourful game, which is attractively priced and packaged.79%
Dragon 32Horace Goes Skiing (Melbourne House)A good, entertaining game.83%
BBC Model BFat Man Sam (Firebird)A good version of the classic game.70%
BBC Model BDiscs And The BBC (Mgb Software Support)A good value package, but I should have preferred the utilities on ROM.76%
Spectrum 48KGroucho (Automata)A good try but can do better.59%
Commodore Vic 20Space Rescue (Sumlock)A good tape, but slightly overpriced.76%
Dragon 32Golf (Salamander)A good simulation... would interest both the pro and the raw beginner.83%
Colour GenieGeniepede (Ipswich Software Factory)A good representation of the arcade game Centipede.42%
Commodore 64BC Basic (BC Computers)A good product, if you use Basic only, but too highly priced.75%
BBC Model BConflict (Martech)A good introduction to computer-moderated games.68%
Spectrum 16KSpace Intruders (Quicksilva)A good implementation of the arcade game, all it lacks is originality.75%
Atari 400/800Astro Chase (Atarisoft)A good game... There are 32 levels, which is quite enough.88%
Spectrum 16KCatterpillar (CDS Microsystems)A good game, let down by its hardware.79%
Dragon 32/64Red Meanies (Salamander)A good game, but not a classic.76%
Oric 48KLoki (Joe The Lion)A good game for your Oric library.85%
Spectrum 48K/128KTwin Kingdom Valley (Bug Byte)A good game for the adventure fanatic with some advanced features.80%
Spectrum 16KTrans-Am (Ultimate)A good game and initially I found it quite compulsive.59%
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