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BBC B/B+/Master 128The Life Of Repton (Superior/Acornsoft)A super game which will keep you busy for days - probably weeks.90%
BBC Model BSki Slalom (RH)A super game for the winter... It's not easy but that reflects the reality of the sport.90%
Spectrum 48KSpectron (Virgin (Espana) S.A.)A standard game, competent but inspiring. Better use could have been made of colour.76%
Spectrum 48K/128KProject Volcano (Mission Software Ltd)A splendid game... Very suitable for a novice adventurer.84%
Commodore Vic 20Brain Pain (Micro Antics)A sound old favourite which offers good value.78%
Dragon 32Hide And Seek (Dragon Data)A sound educational program and well worth considering.95%
Spectrum 16K/48KRoadrunner (Protek)A simple game... On my third attempt I completed the first maze, but I found the second maze to be exactly the same.41%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Pipeline (Superior/Acornsoft)A return to top quality, top value entertainment by Superior.80%
Jupiter AceGobbledegook (Jupiter Cantab)A relatively expensive version of this tired old game.73%
Spectrum 48KGalilee (Shards)A refreshing change... The program could well find application as an educational aid in religious instruction classes.55%
Spectrum 48KAmerican Football (Argus Press)A refreshing change... Might be a bit too pricey for some, but worth getting.93%
Dragon 32Galax Attack (Dragon Data)A reasonable game of Space Invaders but I have seen more interesting versions.61%
Spectrum 48KThe Humpty Dumpty Mystery (Widgit)A really slick, professional package, which will teach and test you as well as your children.98%
BBC Model BFootball Manager (Addictive Games)A real winner. The save game facility is essential; one game took five hours just to reach Division Two.90%
BBC Model BTarzan (Alligata)A real gem of a game which has that element of addictiveness and fun that makes you go back to it again and again.85%
BBC Model BAsteroid Miner (Optima)A rather full and unimaginative offering with very little to recommend it.33%
Commodore 64Kongo Kong (Mogul)A quite good version, but overpriced compared with Anirog's version of Kong.70%
Commodore 64Squash A Frog (Alligata)A promising start from a new software company, Alligata.73%
BBC Model BDecimals (Chalksoft)A program that succeeds in its aim.81%
Commodore 64Golf 64 (CRL)A pleasant game for armchair golfers which makes a good attempt at reproducing the factors and conditions in real golf.65%
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