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Spectrum 16KHaunted Hedges (Micromega)A very good arcade style game that has every indication of becoming addictive.86%
Spectrum 48KBridge Player (CP)A very entertaining game, but it's not true that you can abandon the game during play, as the inlay states.100%
Spectrum 48KStomping Stan (Britannia)A very close relation to a ubiquitous character called Horace... Those who have never played this type of game will enjoy it.83%
Spectrum 48KSpeakeasy (Quicksilva)A very clever and useful program.73%
Spectrum 48KDay Of The Match (Video Software)A very boring and pointless exercise.55%
Spectrum 48KCricket Captain (Allanson Computing)A very amusing game and a fairly realistic simulation.82%
Colour GenieHektik (Arcade Games)A very addictive game with a tidy layout and a good hi-score table.80%
Sinclair ZX81High Resolution Graphics (Odyssey Computing)A valuable tool for ZX81 programmers, in either Basic or machine code.76%
Spectrum 48KAlphabet Games (Sinclair Research)A valuable educational experience... Requires parental supervision.89%
Spectrum 48KComputer Studies (Scisoft)A useful package, but some sections are difficult to load and there is still some poor error trapping of user input.89%
Commodore Vic 20Arithmetic 2 (Commodore)A useful but uninspired package.73%
Acorn ElectronCodename: Droid (Superior/Acornsoft)A true piece of software entertainment... From loading screen to the end of the game it is superb... Buy this game now!90%
Amstrad CPC464Pitman Typing Tutor (Amsoft)A thoroughly useful program that can only serve to achieve its objective.91%
BBC Model BSpace Fighter (Superior)A thoroughly enjoyable program, well worth the money.84%
Acorn ElectronSuper Pool (Software Invasion)A thoroughly enjoyable game and well worth adding to your software library.90%
Spectrum 48K/128KDemon Knight (Argus Press)A text-only Adventure which, excepting Help, Quit and Inventory, requires two-word commands.81%
Jupiter AceGreedy Gobbler & Blowing Up The World (Jupiter Cantab)A tedious, silly game in which keys 1 to 8 bear a rather vague relationship to "bombs" which are released at various points on a Mercator projection.64%
BBC Model BAtlantis (IJK)A superb game for expert videogamers.80%
Oric 48KThe Hobbit (Melbourne House)A superb adventure... You will be captivated, elated, frustrated but never bored.94%
BBC Model BPengwyn (Postern)A super game with good graphics.81%
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