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Spectrum 48KTrantor: The Last Stormtrooper (Go!)Fire-shooting fun with excellent gameplay and some of the best animated graphics seen on the Spectrum.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Axe Of Kolt (FSF Adventures)There are more twists and turns in this game than a snake who's swallowed a corkscrew!100%
Spectrum 48KBombscare (Firebird)Excellent graphically, with smooth 3D graphics... The budget tag more than compensates for lacklustre plot.100%
Spectrum 48KThe Magic Shop (Arrow Books)I cannot praise this program highly enough - try it with your child!100%
Spectrum 48K/128KBugsy (CRL)Fast, funny, zany, wacky, worth it. Buy it before you end up in the harbour with a set of concrete wellies.100%
Spectrum 48KBridge Player (CP)A very entertaining game, but it's not true that you can abandon the game during play, as the inlay states.100%
Spectrum 48KIntermediate Geography (Scisoft)In using these games, you or your child will undoubtedly gain in skill and knowledge.100%
Spectrum 48KNumber Painter (Sinclair Research)An excellent game, well thought out, expertly programmed, and a price which is almost unbelievable these days.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KRed Moon (Level 9 Computing)It is hard to define what makes it so good. Could it be the quickly drawn pictures for each of the 200+ locations? Or the atmosphere created by the literate text? Or perhaps the well designed and created storyline?100%
Acorn ElectronFrak (Aardvark)Frak is one of the classics on the BBC Micro and is destined to be one of the classics on the Electron.100%
BBC/ElectronMicrostuffer 64K Printer Buffer (Supra)If you rarely use your printer it isn't necessary, but if you regularly print large documents it could repay itself in time saved very quickly.100%
Spectrum 48KThe Press (Gilsoft)Another example of Gilsoft genius. The Press text compressor completes The Quill system brilliantly.100%
Archimedes A3000Jinxter (Cambridge International)Many delights and surprises await you in Jinxter; an adventure in which the only harm you can do yourself is from laughing or head scratching.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Artist II (Softechnics)Perhaps the definitive artist program. Easy to use but with incredibly powerful features.100%
Spectrum 48KRoadwars (Melbourne House)An original concept that's well implemented. In fact, it's a spotless conversion from the original, and great fun to play.100%
Spectrum 48KHiSoft BASIC (Hisoft)If you ever write anything in Basic or machine-code this program is a must. It works like magic. Buy it.100%
BBC Model BCosmic Battlezones (Ultimate)As with most Ultimate games, the sound effects leave a lot to be desired, but the games' design, addictiveness and general slickness make the Cosmic Battlezones collection a must for all games lovers.100%
Acorn ElectronPlay It Again Sam 8 (Superior/Acornsoft)If you lack just one of the games it's a good buy - if you're missing two or more it's a bargain.100%
Acorn ElectronPlay It Again Sam (Superior/Acornsoft)This is a stocking filler that everybody should have.100%
Spectrum 48KDeath Star Interceptor (System 3)If you took a quick look and shied away from this game then I think that it's worth giving it a second look.100%
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