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Spectrum 128KSurvival ZX (Matra)One of the worst games I've ever seen, completely lacking in any playability, lastability, addictive quality and completely devoid of aesthetics or atmosphere.18%
Commodore 64/128Impossible Mission II (U. S. Gold)Simply excellent... This is more superb a sequel than anyone could have hoped for.96%
Commodore 64/128Draconus (Zeppelin Games)Another excellent release from Zeppelin. Beautifully animated sprites complement the subtle use of shading and colour throughout.92%
Commodore 64/128Top Fuel Challenge (U. S. Gold)A slow, uninteresting and appallingly presented racing simulation.13%
Commodore 64/128Gee Bee Air Rally (Activision)A decent and enjoyable game - even with the annoying multi-load.57%
BBC Model BNumber Balance/Count On/Bearings/Prisms (Micro Concept)Blah, I'm convinced most of the things that these programs do can be better done by other, perhaps more traditional, methods.20%
BBC Model BMaths Translations (Corona)The progressive course of this program would prove ideal for both class teaching, as well as individual teaching/revision studies.85%
Commodore 64Samurai Warrior (Firebird)An excellent adaptation of the oriental beat-'em-up theme, and a good conversion from the comic.91%
Commodore 64Championship Sprint (Electric Dreams)A sluggish and exasperating sequel to Super Sprint.24%
Commodore 64/128Rolling Thunder (U. S. Gold)Only a mediocre conversion, but a playable game nonetheless.76%
Commodore 64Bedlam (Go!)An undistinguished shoot-'em-up, destined for obscurity.40%
Commodore 64Rimrunner (Palace)A polished, original and beautifully presented program ruined by little diversity.56%
Commodore 64Frightmare (Cascade)A very simple platform collect-'em-up marked by innovative presentation.33%
Commodore 64/128Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh (Imagine)Larger and more attractive than Arkanoid, and the most accomplished and playable "Breakout" variant so far.89%
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3Droid Buster (Matra)I can't really recommend this. It's not addictive, the graphics are poor and it offers the player nothing new.38%
Commodore 64/128Edd The Duck (Impulze)The simple concept makes Edd The Duck immediately playable.70%
Commodore 64/128The Games: Winter Edition (Kixx)The multi-load which is a real pain - you spend more time loading than playing.58%
Commodore 64U.N. Squadron (U. S. Gold)It's not a bad conversion... just a dull one when there's so many better shoot-'em-ups around.67%
Amiga 500Loom (Lucasfilm)Graphically and aurally excellent coupled with the superb scene-setting cassette that's included, Loom manages to exude a refreshing innocence reminiscent of the classic Disney films.83%
Commodore 64/128ATV Simulator (Codemasters)A somewhat hackneyed and dull version of Kikstart.42%
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