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Commodore 64/128Cosmic Causeway (Gremlin Graphics)A technically superb game that's both visually impressive and fun to play.93%
Commodore 64Sky Twice (Action)A loathsome and ridiculously overpriced game.7%
Commodore 64/128Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (Electronic Arts)Fast, exhilarating and extremely polished - simply the most enjoyable flight simulator available for the C64.95%
Commodore 64/128Knight Orc (Rainbird)Amazing! Level 9 once again prove themselves to be masters of the single-load adventure.81%
Commodore 64/128Thunderchopper (Actionsoft)A polished, technically impressive flight simulator. Perhaps not as ostentatious as others, but just as effective.38%
Commodore 64Radius (Players)Generally the action is unoriginal and ultimately tedious... This is not one to lose much sleep over.49%
Commodore 64/128Rainbow Dragon (Firebird)Mappers and arcade adventurers may like it, but everyone else should think twice before reaching for a couple of pound coins.41%
Commodore 64Rygar (U. S. Gold)Not the greatest of conversions, but it does hold a challenge.57%
Commodore 64/128Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (Go!)An average arcade adventure with limited challenge.55%
Commodore 64/128S.O.S. (Mastertronic)A slightly above average maze game, marred somewhat by the constant need to restart.59%
Commodore 64/128Con-Quest (Mastertronic Added Dimension)A very poor arcade adventure which is well below today's standards.15%
Commodore 64Rana Rama (Hewson Consultants)Brilliant stuff... Beautifully designed, rewarding and incredibly playable.87%
Commodore 64/128Shockway Rider (Faster Than Light)An original and deceptively playable game - and a worthy Light Force follow-up to boot.86%
Commodore 64Dandy (Electric Dreams)The worst Gauntlet variant money can buy.28%
Commodore 64/128Gauntlet (U. S. Gold)A first rate conversion.93%
Commodore 64Space Harrier (Elite)An uninspiring 3D shoot-'em-up.45%
Commodore 64Silicon Dreams (Firebird)All three games now feature 'multi-tasking' graphics and improved parsers... Don't expect either the atmosphere or the 'classic' quality of Jewels Of Darkness though.90%
Commodore 64Highlander (Ocean)A poor fighting program hiding behind an official licence.30%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Stryker's Run (Superior/Acornsoft)The first ever Master-enhanced game ever written... It's probably worth a looksee, even if you're just interested in seeing exactly how much could be crammed into these "superBeebs" back in 1986.41%
Commodore 64West Bank (Gremlin Graphics)Simple, completely banal and takes tedium to new extremes.60%
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