Home Computing Weekly's Review Of Decimals (Chalksoft) for the BBC Model B - Everygamegoing

Designed for children of nine and over, this set of five programs provides a tutorial on decimal numbers graded from a simple start to relatively complex calculations in the final program.

Each of the five is self contained and may be used on its own. This will be useful in the classroom where pupils may each work on a different section under the teacher's guidance. Each program section contains a tutorial, where examples are worked in some detail, multiple choice questions where the answers are scored by the computer and a set of tests. These tests are not scored, but answers are hidden until the space bar is pressed.

The teaching sections are well thought-out with clear and well animated displays. Between sections graphic displays and music will help to keep the younger students' attention. I could not defeat the error-trapping and the programs all appeared to be perfectly bug-free. These two points are most important in programs designed for children.

A program that succeeds in its aim.

Display 80%
Ease Of Use 85%
Instructions 80%
Value For Money 80%
Overall 81%