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Robots Rumble (Majikeyric) (Commodore 64/128)

By Dave E Published In EGG #014: Commodore 64


Robots Rumble

Robots Rumble

There's a new puzzler doing the rounds on numerous machines by the name of Robots Rumble, and its latest incarnation is on the Commodore 64. The concept is simplicity itself - move two large magnets up and down to pull a robot through the holes in a series of platforms. Whenever there's nothing beneath the robot, he'll fall through to the next platform. Try not to impale him on the numerous spikes and try to predict where the beams and transporters will, ultimately take him. Then logically deduce where to place the magnets and when you need to move them.

It sounds easier than it actually is and the tight timer and sluggish response of the magnets doesn't really help matters. Still, the game's different, and it's interesting even if not particularly addictive. This version of it also has a rather good rendition of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean in the background, which is a little incongruous.

Is it any good? Well, overall, to me it's nothing special. However, arcade puzzlers like this do have something of a niche appeal and others may well love it. Nevertheless, the game insists on throwing the player all the way back to the very beginning if he makes a single mistake. So even if you do really like the concept, you may well find your enthusiasm dulled by having to repeat the early screens over and over (and over) again...!

Graphics 50%
Lastability 21%
Playability 44%
Sound 77%
Overall 48%