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Urotsukidoji (Fairytale) (PC98)

Reviewed By Dave E In EGG #012: PC-98




Urotsukidoji is an 8-bit game based on the infamous hentai manga and anime in which you sort of wander around observing the events of the movie. Whether the plot text is any good, I can't say as it's all in Japanese but the illustrative graphics wil be, at least, of some interest to fans of the film.

The scenario centres on Amano-Jyaku and his sister Megumi, who are demi-beasts from a parallel world. According to an ancient Japanese legend, there will exist, in our world, a human who is actually a supergod. They are attempting to identify him, although, in the short-term no one seems quite sure why and, in the long-term, there seems to be absolute zero plan for if they do!

The action of this game, however, seems to be wandering around an entirely empty high school. Well, empty apart from rapist demon iguanas, sadistic lesbians and the odd random character who gets her kit off then is never seen again. Are you sensing a bit of an incongruous plot yet?

I've played a few of these Japanese "graphic novels" over the years and they're always weird, but Urotsukidoji is more baffling than most. The story makes absolutely no sense, and you only make any kind of progress within it by tediously exploring every room over and over again until something "new" happens.

Is it at least worth seeing for the hentai content, you may be wondering. Well, the short answer is no, because there's barely any of it - and what there is, is just drawn in such a tacky fashion as to be decidedly unerotic fare.

Graphics 72%
Lasting Appeal 3%
Sound 34%
Value For Money 10%
Overall 30%