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The Adventure Of Jane Jelly: The Treasure of Zedin

The Adventure Of Jane Jelly: The Treasure of Zedin

If you call your game The Adventures Of Jane Jelly, you're clearly, possibly even subconsciously, telling us all not to expect too much.

The game is a platformer with pretty big, er, sprites in which you must collect flashing artefacts and avoid the roaming nasties. It looks like a budget game from the wrong type of software house - a tired concept with the only real attraction being Jane Jelly's Madonna-esque spiky jugs.

So worth playing then right? Ho ho.

Well, in fact, it's kinda okay. Jane can jump amazing distances so screens can be traversed quite easily. Indeed, a few screens had me convinced she'd never make it, but she did, every time. She's also fairly responsive when not perched on a ladder and, although I suspect the game holds very few surprises, there are enough treasures littered around the tomb for exploration to feel somewhat rewarding.

Heh, heh. But the trouble is that there are already many better tomb-raiding platformers than this. But, if you've got a breast fixation, then you'll find it fun. (Just don't kid yourself that you're downloading it for any other reason!)

Graphics 55%
Lastability 30%
Playability 77%
Sound 10%
Overall 43%