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There are 112 known programs for the Toshiba MSX, divided as follows:

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A 'n F
Chuckie Egg (1984) (A 'n F) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Beamrider (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Ghostbusters (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
H.E.R.O. (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Master Of The Lamps (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
River Raid (1985) (Activision) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Flight Path 737 (1985) (Anirog) (MSX, Cassette, English)
BMX Simulator (1998) (Codemasters) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Professional Snooker Simulator (1984) (Codemasters) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Beepertron (2015) (Dioniso) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Magical Stones (2015) (Dioniso) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Zero And The Castle Of Infinite Sadness (2014) (Dioniso) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Dvik & Doyrex
Sudoku (2015) (Dvik & Doyrex) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
The Wreck (1985) (Electric) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Electric Studio
Sprite Editor (1985) (Electric Studio) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Gremlin Graphics
Footballer Of The Year (1987) (Gremlin Graphics) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Jack The Nipper (1986) (Gremlin Graphics) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Hikaru Games
Children Of The Night (2018) (Hikaru Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Icon Games
Box Boy (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Dr. Hello (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Jungle Hunt (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
MineSX (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Montezuma's Revenge Featuring Panama Joe (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Popeye's English Game (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Roc 'N Rope (2015) (Icon Games) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Traffic Jam (2007) (Imanok) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Mandragore (1986) (Infogrames) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Ink Team
Ink (2015) (Ink Team) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Ink: Exxon Surfing (2015) (Ink Team) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Juan Carlos Sanchez
Bloody Paws (2015) (Juan Carlos Sanchez) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Kai Magazine
Dim X (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Highway Fighter (2017) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Life On Mars (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Lilo (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
No Name (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Nuts (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Rune Monster (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Sector 88 (1984) (Kai Magazine) (MSX, ROM Cart, )
Karoshi Corporation
Daedalian Opus (2007) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Griel's Quest For The Sangraal Extended Edition (2015) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Malaika: Prehistoric Quest (2007) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Night Driver (2015) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Phantomas Saga Infinity (2015) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Saimazoom (2015) (Karoshi Corporation) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Karoshi Corporation/RELEVO Videogames
La Corona Encantada (2015) (Karoshi Corporation/RELEVO Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Konami's Boxing (1984) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Konami's Football (1984) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Nemesis (1986) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Penguin Adventure (1984) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Pooyan (1984) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, Japanese)
S D Snatcher (1984) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, Japanese)
The Goonies (1986) (Konami) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Coco In The Castle (1984) (Kuma) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Kuma Computers
Fire Rescue (1985) (Kuma Computers) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Galaxia (1985) (Kuma Computers) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Hyper Viper (1985) (Kuma Computers) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Leisure Genius
Monopoly (1986) (Leisure Genius) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Scrabble (1986) (Leisure Genius) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Level 9 Computing
The Worm In Paradise (1986) (Level 9 Computing) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Gridtrap (1985) (Livewire) (MSX, Cassette, English)
The Bulge (1985) (Lothlorien) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Geoff Capes Strongman (1985) (Martech) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Mastertronic Added Dimension
Voidrunner (1987) (Mastertronic Added Dimension) (MSX, Cassette, )
Ark A Noah The Flood Part 2 (2015) (Matra) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Bakamoe Bunny (2015) (Matra) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Don't Cock It Up (2015) (Matra) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Moskow 2024 (2015) (Matra) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Sex Bomb Bunny (2015) (Matra) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Micro Peripherals
Antarctic Adventure (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Athletic Land (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Circus Charlie (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Comic Bakery (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Hyper Sports 1 (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Monkey Academy (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Super Cobra (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Time Pilot (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Track & Field (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Track And Field 2 (1984) (Micro Peripherals) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Spökhuset (1984) (Mystax) (MSX, Cassette, )
Nerlaska Studios
Mr. Mole (2007) (Nerlaska Studios) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Nu Wave
Deus Ex Machina (1987) (Nu Wave) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Boulder Dash (1985) (Orpheus) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Oscar Toledo Guiterrez
Zombie Near (2015) (Oscar Toledo Guiterrez) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Slender The Camping (2015) (Pentacour) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Macadam Bumper (1986) (PSS) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Booga-Boo The Flea (1985) (Quicksilva) (MSX, Cassette, English)
The Snowman (1985) (Quicksilva) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Relevo Videogames
Azzurro 8bit Jam (2015) (Relevo Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
British Bob (2015) (Relevo Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters (2015) (Relevo Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Malaika (2015) (Relevo Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Subacuatic (2015) (Relevo Videogames) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day (2012) (RetroWorks) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Teodoro No Sabe Volar (2010) (RetroWorks) (MSX, ROM Cart, Spanish)
Solid State Software
Mecha-8 (2015) (Solid State Software) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Princess Quest (2015) (Solid State Software) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Army Moves (1984) (Summit) (MSX, Cassette, Spanish)
Rescue From Atlantis (1984) (Summit) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Lazy Jones (1985) (Terminal) (MSX, Cassette, English)
The Electric Studio
Graphic Designer (1985) (The Electric Studio) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Deep Dungeon Adventure (2015) (Trilobyte) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
European Games (1984) (Tynesoft) (MSX, Cassette, English)
U. S. Gold
BC's Quest For Tires (1986) (U. S. Gold) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Gauntlet (1998) (U. S. Gold) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Gunfright (1986) (Ultimate) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Nightshade (1986) (Ultimate) (MSX, Cassette, English)
Transball (2016) (Villar) (MSX, ROM Cart, English)
Virgin Games
Sorcery (1984) (Virgin Games) (MSX, Cassette, English)

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