Journey through the jungle killing the guards and avoiding the stare of the alien Predator.

Publishers: Activision, Superior/Acornsoft
Genre: Arcade Adventure

Tagged With: film tie-in, run 'n gun, scrolling, arnold schwarzenegger

Available For: Acorn Electron, Amstrad CPC464, BBC B/B+/Master 128, Commodore 64/128, Nintendo (US Version) & Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Commodore 64/128 

First Released: 1st Mar 1990

Language(s): English

Items: Predator (The Hit Squad, Cassette), Predator (Activision, 5.25" Disc), Predator (Activision, Cassette), Predator (Activision, 5.25" Disc)

Nintendo (US Version) 

First Released: 1st Apr 1989

Language(s): English

Items: Predator (Activision, ROM Cart)

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 

First Released: 30th Nov 1986

Author(s): James Fisher

Language(s): English

Items: Predator (Activision, Cassette), Predator (The Hit Squad, Cassette), Predator (IBSA, Cassette), Predator (Proein Soft Line, Cassette), The In Crowd (Ocean, Cassette)