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Everygamegoing regularly reviews games on its YouTube channel of the same name. You can request a 90 second max review of any game on the site by searching for the game and clicking the button 'Request Video'.

8th September 2017

And now it's rewritten in Yii.

24th June 2017

I have given the whole site a bootstrap makeover, making its functionalities (hopefully) much more usable, scaleable and mobile-friendly. All the upgrades here have been applied in a single week - so if you peruse the html and think "He's not using that grid system correctly there!" then don't be too harsh, it's all still a bit new to me.

25th January 2017

"Are you ever going to sort out that front page?" they cry.

"I am, yes, but I can't decide what's important enough to include on it!" I answer.

"Well, for Goodness sake, at least make a start on it!" they cry.

"OK, I will. I'll put a valuation on it today!"

Why Should I Register On Everygamegoing?

If you just use Everygamegoing just to search for instructions, market valuations, eBay descriptions, cover art and screenshots, you don't really need to register...

But if you want to:

  1. help us build it and start earning, or
  2. buy stuff, or
  3. add your games collection, or
  4. add your machine collection, or
  5. limit searches to your own collection (Coming soon)

Then you need to take that first step and Register.

20th June 2016

I have moved a few of the links around on the overhead menus - hopefully making it a bit easier for new users to find their way around the new advanced search feature, and hopefully so that more users realise that they can now actually get involved in helping to build certain sections of the site.

13th June 2016

Added over 7,300 games on PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3.

17th May 2016

Improvements to log in and searching, plus over 1,000 items accurately weighed and updated in the database. Currently I am in the middle of three rather large projects all at the same time. These are:

Oh, and you may have noticed that all the reviews from Home Computing Weekly have now been added to the site too!

6th April 2016

The "Review Search" is finally linked to all the video reviews we have created and uploaded to YouTube over the past three years. Have fun watching all 700+ of them!

29th March 2016

You will now find a "Review Search" functionality present on the site - this allows you to see all the thousands of reviews currently present on the Everygamegoing website. A remarkable 15% of all the items on the site have at least one review, and in this section you can see just how many hundreds more are being added every day.

At the moment, you can only list text-based reviews. Many items also have a video review, which is present on the landing page. The video panel will be available very soon too!

21st March 2016

You will now find a "Music Search" functionality - something I believe is a first for any games database ever. You can now search the entire library of karaoke discs by song title or by artist name - no more routing through your Singstar games collection trying to find which disc "Baby Got Back" is on!

7th March 2016

There are a number of significant improvements to the "User Experience" on the site today. You will find that all machines are now illustrated, and searching for items to add to your collection can now be done by the title of the game, rather than only by publisher. If you haven't already registered, then do do it and have a play with these tools - they really are easy to use.

11th February 2016

Hooray, the site seems to be working again. Today sees the release of the Collection facilities. You can now use a tool I have created to add your entire collection of games instantly to Everygamegoing. After you've done this, you can't actually do anything apart from see them - but in time you'll be able to sell them through the site (if you so desire). Actually, just being able to see them is pretty useful too - I'm constantly forgetting what items I've got and what items I'm still looking for!

10th February 2016

Sadly, the site has been down for most of the day, not due to my poor coding (The very idea!) but due to problems with 123-reg, who host it! The site came back on-line at 9:00pm having been a WSOD (White Screen Of Death) since about 12:00pm but there still seems to be a problem in relation to the database connection, meaning all registration and log-in functionality is malfunctioning.

You can however, still access all of the information on the site itself by clicking the Machines Covered link, finding the machine of interest and then searching for the desired game with CTRL-F...!

Hopefully they will fix up the rest of the problems soon, as there are a ton of new functionalities I'm eager to unveil today...

9th February 2016

And so the development continues...

I have written a short article on how Everygamegoing came to be.

If you register for an Account, and log into it, you can now view your Account and your Wish List.

You can also view the Wish List of any other user if you know his/her e-mail address.

1st February 2016

I will (soon) create some better introductory pages for the website. It is an upgrade to the framework I originally created to run Dragon 32 Universe and it does keep track of a great many things that are not immediately exposed to visitors. One of the features I think is useful to you all though is What's New so I have now altered the site to have both the Site Releases page and a new page and a list of what's been recently added.

26th January 2016

First release of the magazine sections of the website. Over the years I have been involved with many magazine archive websites and have transferred thousands of articles to html. All of these are available now and the items on the website now link directly to the reviews which appeared in the mainstream press at the time of release. This update brings a whole new level of information to the Everygamegoing website. For example, here is a review of Exile which appeared in Electron User magazine.

There will be internal links within some of these reviews which do not work (as they were prepared for other websites). For the time being, I have left these in the articles whilst I figure out an elegant way of dealing with these.

19th January 2016

Belated release. This release updates around 50% of the Nintendo (US Version) games with screenshots, as well as adds the entire North American Gameboy catalogue, all the Psytronik Commodore 64 releases and the Shop framework (although currently no items are available to buy).

You can now register for an account (if you want one) - but there aren't any additional features yet available.

8th January 2016 - More features are now live

We've just pushed out a whole host of new features, including a feature which documents all the items we've added since the previous release, and the long-awaited Instant eBay Description feature - that I'm already using myself to sell items on eBay.

Please note that you cannot yet Register or Log In. But soon you will be able to...!

4th January 2016 - eBay Description Generator

Looking for the eBay description creator? It's not available yet - come back on Saturday!!! ;-)

17th December 2015

Facebook like button added - Please like us!

16th December 2015

The final "easy search" functionality is now live. You can now search by your favourite machine, although I still find it easier to view the machines via one big html page.

13th December 2015

The first version of EveryGameGoing has arrived today.

The search tool is now working.

We haven't yet implemented searching by machine type (as it works a bit differently!)

So click here if you want to see the machines we cover.

We'll write some content for this bit soon!


Range Start Game

Galaxy Wars

BBC Model B

1st January 1983

Range End Game

Fateextella The Umbral Star

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita Card

10th January 2017