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Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Atomic Runner (Data East)This is really how shoot-'em-ups should be... This forced scrolling effect also lends itself to a rather different style of play than other platform games.91%
Sega Saturn (US Version)Highway 2000 (Natsume)Everything about this game screams 'tacky'... The graphics are shoddy, the sound is painful and the car handling harks back to the days of Pole Position.69%
Sega Saturn (US Version)NHL Powerplay '96 (Virgin Games)A detailed and compulsive sim. Easy to get into, difficult to master... and it outshines last year's NHL All Star Hockey.87%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Keio Flying Squadron 2 (JVC)Enjoyable, very Japanese, 2D action... The difficulty level here is obviously pitched towards younger players, but there's enough trickery and kitsch to keep older ones amused.75%
BBC/ElectronRicochet (Superior/Acornsoft)A must for your games collection... The action isn't fast and furious but it's a superb problem-solving game.
BBC B/B+/Master 128Ricochet (Superior/Acornsoft)I have found no faults in this game and I would thoroughly recommend this game to everyone.10
BBC Model BKiller Gorilla (Micro Power)Crisp graphics and inventive, if irritating, sound effects (which can be switched off).
Sega GenesisPocahontas (Disney)An intriguing and well-produced licence and one of the Megadrive's most unusual games... There's nothing quite like its combination of action and visual puzzles.85%
Sega Game GearPGA Tour 96 (Electronic Arts)A definite thumbs-up... A good attempt at a golf game, and probably the best you'll get on the Game Gear.80%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)The most addictive part is the faithful "wakka wakka, only one more pill to get" gameplay that keeps you munching, but I just don't think there is a market for this any more.64%
Sega Game GearGunstar Heroes (Sega)A criminally undervalued title... The gameplay is so fast and furious that it seems to burst out of the hand-held machine's tiny screen.85%
Sega Game Gear (US Version)F1 World Championship Edition (Domark)Fairly entertaining, within its limited scope.65%
Sega Game Gear (US Version)True Lies (Acclaim)A fast, explosive movie is reduced to a leaden plot round artificially created maze levels, with the most basic of key-finding requirements passing for a "puzzle" element.59%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Sampras Tennis 96 (Sega)Finally a tennis game to beat Super Tennis on the SNES... The player reactions, the crowd, the umpire and animations all combine to produce a game that's great to watch as well as play.92%
Sega Game GearEarthworm Jim (Virgin Games)Prepare to be amazed! This is absolutely the best platform game I've ever seen on the Game Gear.90%
Sega Saturn (JP Version)Shinobi Legions (Vic Tokai)The best platformer on the Saturn so far... Long levels, more than a few tricky scrapes, fast action and good character control.85%
Sega 32X (EU Version)Motherbase (Sega)A somewhat ugly blaster whose playability far exceeds its looks. The most concentrated action the 32X has seen yet.86%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (U. S. Gold)Fast, exciting and full of variety... It isn't an overly easy game and the 28 levels should keep even an accomplished player well occupied.84%
Sega Saturn (US Version)Astal (Sega)A beautiful but empty vessel that offers poor value for money despite the awesome graphics.53%
Sega Game GearPower Drive (U. S. Gold)An okay racer that suffers from some annoying gameplay faults. But there are a lot of tracks and a lot of cars, if you're a patient person.65%
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