On the development side, we're always hard at work creating new functionalities and fixing bugs. On the data side, we're forever adding additional covers, reviews, screenshots and instructions to all the items on the site.

As all this is happening "in-house", we thought we might as well expose a little of what's going on here. OK, 99.9% of you probably won't be interested, we realise that. But for those of you that are, here is a list of what's currently in the pipeline...

In The Pipeline

 % CompleteDate Started
Data Capture (From Magazine), Complete Mean Machines Sega Reviews50%27th Jan 2018
Data Capture (From Elsewhere), PlayStation (Japanese Version)70%29th Mar 2018
Data Capture (From Magazine), Computer Gamer74%18th Apr 2018
Data Capture (From Magazine), ZX Computing37%12th May 2018
New Feature, Make Ticket 'Worked On' And 'Not Worked On'100%18th Apr 2018

Most Recent Bugs Fixed

 Date Fixed
The User Search says that a seller has been granted seller status before it has actually been granted.8th Jul 2019
On Machines Covered Pages, Collection Information Is Not Showing For Users With Collections29th Jun 2019
Machines Covered Pages Are Throwing JavaScript Errors And Not Rendering The Buttons29th Jun 2019
Bugs In Relation To Search Results After A Date Search21st Jun 2019
Ensure item with menu screen appears with its menu screen on an exported DVD/web site13th Jun 2019
A&B mags do not show in the drop-down list so cannot update the reviews12th Jun 2019
On PCN reviews make the book appear in the screenshot place!12th Jun 2019
If the game is Unreleased; Recovered then the pop-up search modal should not show the Release Date.9th Jun 2019
Fix Scans Link (Not Working From Mag Articles That Have Scans)5th Jun 2019
Update Mag Article View So Overhead Menu Works17th May 2019

Most Recent Improvements

 Date Fixed
News Section22nd Jul 2019
Create a new paarent from an existing paarent22nd Jul 2019
I want to be able to start accepting other users as curators.11th Jul 2019
Automatically Update Data Capture Tickets9th Jul 2019
Add Illustration Add Feature To Mag Articles30th Jun 2019
Machines Covered Pages Should Have A Picture Of The Machine, Link To The Machine And Link To Build Wall30th Jun 2019
Add Links To Shop Items On The Machines Covered Landing Pages29th Jun 2019
Update Overhead Search So That Machines No Longer Need To Be Typed28th Jun 2019
Implement Intuitive Box Type Dropdown On Creating An Item27th Jun 2019
Allow Market Price To Reflect Original Price If Flag Is Toggled24th Jun 2019