Meet The Team

Dave E

Hi everyone and welcome to Everygamegoing, the result of a lifetime of collecting, archiving, scanning and reviewing games. I am responsible for 99% of what you see on the site - designing the front-end (HTML5, CSS, jQuery, javaScript, Bootstrap 3), constantly optimising and reprogramming the back-end (PHP, Yii, MySQL, Apache) and writing all the reviews, introductions and game resumes that you see throughout the site.

I often feel that I've lived a number of lives - at one time or another I've been a writer, banker, lawyer, teacher and computer programmer - and my hope would be that this site brings them all together in a fantastic web application that everybody can enjoy. My goal is to build a community of game collectors who will help run and build Everygamegoing over the foreseeable future, and perhaps offer advice on the forums as to how to make it even better.

Haythem A

Hello dudes, I'm Dave E's friend from University, roped into building Everygamegoing's archives. I'm the man who tediously gathered up all the Amstrad and Playstation cover scans, cropping them to the right size and coupling them up with screenshots. Now he's got me working on OCRing old Crash articles so that you all can read them on your mobile phones. I grew up in the Middle East so all of this computer history is pretty alien to me, although I have to admit that I do find it fascinating stuff.

Leah K

Hello, I'm Dave E's ex-girlfriend. I suppose, like the Significant Others of many of all the collectors out there, I embraced Dave E's passion for retro gaming out of necessity. I'm was the original curator of the Amiga sections of Everygamegoing, having created the giant Amiga screenshot archives and a lot of the articles and reviews attached to these games. But I'm much more interested in modern games. While I was going out with Dave, I tried to make sure he didn't neglect all the new cool stuff that's hitting the shelves because he was too busy adding random Commodore Vic-20 games from 1982!

Obviously I'm not really involved in the site any more but I did make some contribution so my name's staying here. So there!