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Thumbnail of Ayana The Yellow Star (BBC/Electron)BBC/ElectronAyana The Yellow Star (The Horny Elk)
Thumbnail of Mikura Rape Adventure (BBC/Electron)BBC/ElectronMikura Rape Adventure (The Horny Elk)
Thumbnail of Count Duckula 2 (Commodore 64)Commodore 64/128Count Duckula 2 (Alternative)
Thumbnail of Vindaloo (PC 128S)PC 128SVindaloo (Olivetti Prodest)
Thumbnail of Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Amiga 500)Amiga 500Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (The Edge)
Thumbnail of Firewall Wars (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Firewall Wars (Navy Xicken)
Thumbnail of Harrier Revenge (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Harrier Revenge (Independiente)
Thumbnail of Fitzroy And The Power Wells (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Fitzroy And The Power Wells (Awergh)
Thumbnail of Bananas-Recovery (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Bananas-Recovery (Booma)
Thumbnail of NextTrack (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464NextTrack (Async Team)
Thumbnail of Cannibalator (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Cannibalator (Trabitboy)
Thumbnail of Hero Magic (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Hero Magic (IronDevs)
Thumbnail of Elliot (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Elliot (Approxbit)
Thumbnail of Tomcat (Acorn Atom)Acorn AtomTomcat (Kees Van Oss)
Thumbnail of Maze Adventure (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Maze Adventure (Piterayo)
Thumbnail of The Grenades Conquest (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464The Grenades Conquest (Subxplosion)
Thumbnail of Hire Hare (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Hire Hare (CNG Soft)
Thumbnail of El Stompo (ZX Vega)ZX VegaEl Stompo (Monument Microgames)
Thumbnail of Dragon Attack (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Dragon Attack (Bitplane Technomantes)
Thumbnail of Ring Ring Warrior (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Ring Ring Warrior (Aberrantes)
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