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Sinclair ZX81Rocket Man (The Software Farm)10 out of 10. The game is fast and the graphics, as expected from the Software Farm, are superb and free flowing.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KTrailblazer (Gremlin Graphics)The ultimate test of your reactions. Visually astonishing reaction game utterly, utterly, utterly addictive.100%
Archimedes A3000Twin World (Ubi Soft)All the creatures you meet are brilliant animated and, in my opinion, this game is flawless in design and execution.100%
Spectrum 48KThe Snowman (Quicksilva)Anyone under 110 will enjoy this delightful game.100%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Elite Second Processor (Acornsoft)If you have a B+ or better, Elite is certainly worth a look. If you have a second processor or Turbo as well then it is a must.100%
Spectrum 48KDeus Ex Machina (Automata)Don't fail to see this. This epic plot takes one hour to unfold.100%
Acorn ElectronSword Master (Acorn User)100% all round. This has been one of the most enjoyable games I have played.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KGauntlet II (U. S. Gold)A corker. Fast action and superb gameplay make Gauntlet II probably the first sequels worth the cash.100%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Blood Of The Mutineers (Robico)One of the best ever memory-based adventures for the BBC.100%
Spectrum 16K/48KGener-80 (Seven Stars Publishing)Full marks for versatility... The manual too is first class, full of hints and examples.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KAfter Shock (Interceptor Micros)Excellent adventuring for the dedicated, combining great graphics (from a master of his art) with challenging problems.100%
Spectrum 16KThrusta (Software Projects)100%... Different, enjoyable, and addictive.100%
Spectrum 48KNine Currant Buns (Arrow Books)100%...! Each activity has been well-planned, with good use made of the sound and graphics capability of the Spectrum.100%
BBC Model BPhilosopher's Quest (Acornsoft)Don't be put off by the somewhat strange logic needed to play this game, as it is without doubt one of the finest adventures ever written for the BBC, and is therefore highly recommended.100%
Spectrum 48KSidewize (Firebird)The last word in scrolling one-man space blasts? Maybe not, but it's the best thing around at the moment. Get this.100%
Spectrum 48KMarsport (Gargoyle Games)The basic style of animation is much the same as Gargoyle's earlier games, but this time the movement of the main character is even smoother than before.100%
Archimedes A3000Nevryon (The 4th Dimension)It is very hard to stop playing Nevryon and that's normally the hallmark of a classic.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KTarget: Renegade (Imagine)Great to look at and better to play. Fast, exciting and terribly wince-making at points. Top-notch.100%
BBC Model BRevs (Acornsoft)The best racing game I have ever seen on any computer, and I play a lot of racing games. A real must for any BBC owner.100%
Spectrum 48KSpy Vs. Spy (Beyond)This is an excellent game and every Spectrum owner should add it to their collection immediately.100%
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