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Commodore 64Ping Pong (Imagine)The graphics, although simple, work well with the bouncing ball especially effective.45%
Spectrum 48KThe Way Of The Tiger (Gremlin Graphics)The game has quality, and the value of getting three games for the price of one will ensure that it stays at the top of the charts.80%
Amstrad CPC464Saboteur (Durell)A reasonable game which is complemented by good graphics. The large and detailed moving objects are good, as is most of everything else which is in perfect scale.60%
Spectrum 48KCORE (A 'n F)Selecting the various icons was very much a hit-or-miss affair being controlled by a diagonal movement of the joystick and the instructions given were distinctly lacking in clarity... It would be a very good game if only it were considerably more playable.70%
Amstrad CPC464Zoids: The Battle Begins (Martech)If you've seen and enjoyed the Spectrum version of this game then you won't be disappointed by the Amstrad one.75%
Commodore 64Spindizzy (Electric Dreams)A game that will challenge you for weeks.75%
Commodore 64Touchdown Football (Electronic Arts)A game that will keep even the hardened football fans glued to their screens.70%
Commodore 64Pilgrim (CRL)Atmosphere makes or breaks an adventure game and Pilgrim certainly has a lot and is an excellent advertisement for why there is no need to insist on graphics.85%
Commodore 64Ollo: Missions I & II (Bug Byte)A ridiculously addictive game, at an even more ridiculous price. Go buy it immediately.70%
Amstrad CPC464Spitfire '40 (Mirrorsoft)One of the best flight simulators that I have seen on the Amstrad - and probably the best WWII/combat type game that I have seen on it.40%
Commodore 64Rasputin (Firebird)A very difficult game to get into... A few simple screens to start with would have been appreciated.85%
Spectrum 48K/128KRock 'N Wrestle (Melbourne House)The graphics are excellent and the package is completed by rock music that accompanies your road to the world title.90%
Spectrum 48KHeroes Of Karn (Interceptor Micros)Avoid the perils, rescue the heroes and banish the darkness from Karn forever. Highly recommended.84%
Spectrum 48KGiant Book Of Spectrum Arcade Games (Fontana)Each program has undergone exhaustive testing and has been dumped from the Spectrum directly to the printer so that errors are minimised.81%
Commodore 64Shades (Durell)Assuming that the concept of graphic adventures is to create a plausible computer world, then Shades fails. As you disappear off one screen, you reappear in the middle of the next and not the edge as you might expect.44%
Spectrum 48KMushrooms from Mars (Scorpio Gamesworld)The control and jumping action is dreadful and takes quite a while to get used to.10%
Amstrad CPC464Splat (Incentive)A very unusual game indeed... If you're sick of shooting aliens, and ladder-and-platform games are driving you up the wall, take a look at it.80%
Amstrad CPC464Defend Or Die (Alligata)A very challenging arcade game for those who want to pit themselves against a really difficult shoot-'em-up space program.80%
Commodore 64Glider Pilot (CRL)If you enjoy flight simulation programs, then you will find that Glider Pilot presents you with an interesting set of problems.40%
Amstrad CPC464Interdictor Pilot (Supersoft)The game is very realistic, and that isn't surprising as it was written by a serving RAF officer. At £17.95, it's also very pricey.80%
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