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Spectrum 48K/128KIndoor Sports (Advance Software Promotions)The attention to detail is incredible - pens and chalk keep the score in the darts and ten pin-bowling and there is even a reflection of the ball on the ping pong table!91%
Commodore 64Instant Arcade Games For The Commodore 64 (Pan)Offers a library of imaginative software subroutines and user-defined graphics to enhance the efficiency and visual impact of games programs.55%
Commodore 64Winning Strategy Games On The Commodore 64 (Ellis Horwood)The book will help the reader devise his strategy games, explaining the games in the book in detail and leaving it to the reader to work out the winning combination of variables for each game.80%
BBC Model BDoctor Who And The Mines Of Terror (Micro Power)A startling loading screen... and an adventure game with animated graphics. What disturbs me most about this game is its price... £20 for a single game?80%
Spectrum 48KMs. Pac-Man (Atarisoft)This version comes the closest to the original arcade version and compares very favourably with the one that runs on the Atari series of home computers.60%
Commodore 64Seaside Special (Taskset)Guards shoot as they walk along the beach, so it is a good idea to avoid being on the same level as they always shoot to kill.60%
Commodore 64/128Sports Mix (Prism)You might as well just ignore the two poor 'Simulators' here and not let them put you off the fun twosome of Water Polo and Alternative World Games.55%
Commodore 64The Cycles (Accolade)Unless you can't face the multi-loading, it's an attractively priced and intelligent little game.70%
Commodore 64/128Dizzy's Excellent Adventures (Codemasters)A superb compilation... Anyone who misses out on this one must be one egg short of a hen house!97%
Commodore 64/128Superheroes (Domark)Unfortunately, you don't buy a compilation set for the sake of one decent game and, if you purchase Superheroes, that's about all you'll get. Last Ninja II outshines the other games by far.68%
Commodore 64Stratego (Accolade)A fairly slick 'transcription' of a good board game.76%
Commodore 64/128Stunt Car Racer (Kixx)A supremely playable game.95%
Commodore 64Smash TV (Ocean)Smash TV grabs you by the throat and just won't let go - how Ocean managed to get all of this into one load is beyond me.93%
Commodore 64Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin Op (Image Works)One helluva game! The title and incidental music is incredible, and those effects - er, wow! The sprites are well drawn and brilliantly animated... Just a shame the two-player mode does not allow simultaneously play.74%
Commodore 64Battle Command (Ocean)This is unmissable...! Technically stunning, extremely playable heavy metal arcade action!90%
Commodore 64Gateway To The Savage Frontier (Strategic Simulations Inc.)A solid RPG system which is nevertheless looking increasingly aged with each successive release.78%
Commodore 64Rugby The World Cup (Domark)Unrealistic and unplayable... If you really want to kick something, I suggest booting this slow, woefully inaccurate simulation into touch.36%
Commodore 64Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball (Strategic Simulations Inc.)Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the realism, but it's frustratingly difficult to hit the ball. And the whole game is marred by slowness.71%
Amiga 500Batman The Movie (Ocean)Batman: The Movie may not be a perfect character tie-in, but it is as good a rendition of the film as anyone could have hoped for.82%
Amiga 500Life And Death (The Software Toolworks)For the curiosity value alone, this is one package you have just got to see - and if you value originality more than variety you may end up buying it too.70%
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