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Amiga 500Dark Seed (Cyberdreams)Dark Seed is a fab arcade adventure that succeeds in being both atmospheric and scary at the same time.91%
Sinclair ZX81Damper/Glooper (Quicksilva)Dampers is a straightforward game, without frills, but difficult; Glooper is fun to play and competently produced.74%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Cyboto (Godax)Cyboto has all the makings of a good maze game, but it needs some kind of gimmick if it is to sell well in this very competitive area of the games market.70%
Acorn ElectronCrazee Rider (Superior/Acornsoft)Crazee Rider is an exciting game - it's fast, challenging and there's plenty to keep you entertained.90%
Commodore 64PCW Games Collection (Century)Crammed with games... Everyone should be able to find something to their taste; mine were a version of Yahtzee, a dice game, and a new game called Splash.83%
Spectrum 48KThe Enormous Turnip (Arrow Books)Correct responses cause the turnip to be pushed towards the pot, to fall in after five correct.86%
BBC/ElectronCops 'N Robbers (Atlantis)Cops 'N Robbers was never destined to be a blockbuster... As it stands it surely must be given a miss.40%
Spectrum 48KHicksted (Cases Computer Simulations)Controls seem difficult, even for fast fingers.74%
Commodore 64Trax (Soft Joe's Software)Control of the train is difficult at first, but can be mastered with practice.83%
BBC Model BWorld Geography (Micro Power)Consists of a straight forward question and answer session which first ask if you want to answer questions on capitals, populations or both.63%
Amstrad CPC464Mutant Monty (Amsoft)Compulsive stuff... I found it difficult to stop playing the game long enough to write this review.95%
Dragon 32Games Pack 3 (Gem)Complex enough to tax even the best of memories.61%
BBC Model BFelix In The Factory (Micro Power)Completely different to any game I have seen and highly original.80%
Spectrum 16KKamakazi (A 'n F)Compares favourably with any game you would find in an amusement arcade.84%
BBC/ElectronShark (Audiogenic)Colonel Shark will certainly win his share of devotees, especially among those seeking a hero to inherit the mantle of Commander Stryker.70%
Spectrum 16KCloneit And Renumber (Argus Press)Cloneit is a tape back-up system... Renumber is a fast line renumbering utility... Both work.83%
Sinclair ZX81The Trader Trilogy (Pixel)Cleverly devised, nicely presented, and if you're feeling indulgent, well worth considering.85%
Spectrum 48KClever Clogs: Music (Computer Tutor)Clever Clogs smiles or grimaces, correct answers are shown and the tune plays at the end.88%
Dragon 32Number Puzzler (Dragon Data)Clear layout and good graphics.74%
Commodore Vic 20Vic Panic (Bug Byte)Choice of keyboard or joystick operation... Use a joystick if you have one.75%
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