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Commodore 64Neptune's Daughters (English)A well written and constructed game.81%
BBC Model BChuckie Egg (A 'n F)A well thought out novelty, just as exciting as blasting user-defined graphics.83%
Commodore 64Hideous Bill And The Gi Gants (Virgin Games)A well thought out and presented package.80%
TI99/4ACar Wars (Texas Instruments)A well put together game with good documentation and instructions.73%
BBC/ElectronSuper Fruit (Simon)A very well-written game.70%
Commodore Vic 20Annihilator (Rabbit)A very well-thought-out game, and one that should provide a great deal of pleasure.72%
BBC/ElectronChemistry 1 (Sunland)A very unimaginative and tedious program suited to someone desperate to learn limited facts as quickly as possible.45%
Commodore 64Jammin (Taskset)A very smooth program with excellent music, superb colour and hilarious animation.86%
Commodore 64Flying Feathers (Bubble Bus)A very pleasant game for hunting, shooting, fishing types and prospective game wardens.75%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Play It Again Sam 11 (Superior/Acornsoft)A very mixed bag... ranging from the superb Pipeline to the ancient, but good, Monsters and the brand new, but disappointing, Baron.80%
Spectrum 48KAll-Sort S1 (Alan Firminger)A very highly recommended piece of software.70%
Oric 48KThe Hellion (Orpheus)A very high quality program... Ridiculously fast and mean.88%
Commodore Vic 20Test Your Child: Arithmetic (Commodore)A very handy tool for any parent or teacher who wants to check on the arithmetic progress of a child.84%
TI99/4ANight Flight (Stainless)A very good TI game, let down by some minor irritations.88%
Oric 48KAcheron's Rage (Softek)A very good program which I can recommend to anyone.97%
BBC Model A & BBBC Music Processor (Quicksilva)A very good package and a must for anyone musically minded with a BBC Micro.90%
Commodore Vic 20Meter Mania (Abrasco)A very good game... This stands out from the rest.80%
Dragon 32Invaders Revenge (Microdeal)A very good game... It really deserves its five star rating - I thoroughly enjoyed it.98%
Spectrum 48KMunch Man (Astro)A very good game for those who are addicted to this type of game.90%
Spectrum 16KHaunted Hedges (Micromega)A very good arcade style game that has every indication of becoming addictive.86%
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