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Spectrum 16KNightflite 2 (Hewson Consultants)An interesting, enjoyable, taxing program that would absorb the student for hours - but not for the ordinary games player.91%
Spectrum 16K/48KLunar Letters (Longman)An interesting program, full of colour, movement and sound. My three year old loved it!91%
Spectrum 16KMagic Meanies (CDS Microsystems)An interesting game let down by poor graphics.61%
NewbrainStar Trader (Computasolve)An interesting and unpredictable, but slightly overpriced game of interplanetary commerce.45%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Repton 3 (Superior/Acornsoft)An instant classic, a game every BBC owner should own and a new standard for other programmers to aim for.90%
Dragon 32Transylvanian Tower (Richard Shepherd)An innovative idea, but it seems to me that this program could easily get boring after a while.75%
BBC/ElectronCodename: Droid (Superior/Blue Ribbon)An incredible amount of effort makes this game a true piece of software entertainment.90%
BBC Model BPlanetfall (Argus Press)An exciting two- or more player game which is a little overpriced but good fun.81%
Acorn ElectronWhat's Eeyores? (Magus)An exceptionally good adventure that is ingenious, imaginative and funny.90%
Dragon 32Dragonchess (Oasis)An excellent version of the game. Well worth buying.65%
TI99/4AWinging It (Stainless)An excellent program which should appeal to budding pilots of all ages.93%
Commodore 64Pilot Plus 64 (John Wiley & Sons)An excellent package giving a flexible and useful high-level language.90%
Spectrum 48KMicro-Prolog (Sinclair Research)An excellent implementation for the Spectrum and with excellent manuals.82%
Commodore Vic 20Starship Escape (Sumlock)An excellent game which should appeal to most age groups.86%
Spectrum 16KSpectrum Micro Chess (Artic Computing)An excellent chess tutor, but a shame that it is such a weak player.73%
BBC/ElectronRik The Roadie (Alternative)An excellent budget game - do track this one down.80%
Commodore 64Blue Max (U. S. Gold)An attractive and interesting game, but not one that I found hard to stop playing.76%
Commodore 64Big Ben (Interceptor Micros)An attractive and entertaining game... Worth looking twice at.77%
Commodore 64Sting 64 (Quicksilva)An appropriate name... I don't like it and think it is poor value... I let the game play by itself and it scored 374 against my 532.55%
TI99/4ACruiser/Character Generator (Solway Software)An amusing game with plenty of variety... Skill levels run from 1 to 30, well crash-proofed and even an option for users with black and white TVs.89%
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