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BBC Model BPainter (A 'n F)Fast, colourful, responsive and has some of the rudest sound effects you've ever heart.93%
Commodore 64Skyline Attack (Century)Fast and furious in a Minter-kind of way, which is a shame since you don't see all the graphics.93%
Dragon 32Ugh! (Softek)Fast and accurate responses... A game with good variety and added interest.91%
BBC Model BWho Dares Wins II (Alligata)Fans of death and destruction will certainly enjoy Who Dares Wins II... a welcome addition to my software library.70%
TI99/4ARabbit Trail (Funware)Fairly fast and tricky enough to be worth playing... if you get a copy that will go beyond the first screen.20%
Dragon 32Dragon Fly (Hewson Consultants)Fairly easy to take off, but even easier to crash - which I did with monotonous regularity every time I tried to land.48%
TI99/4AZap (Byteware)Extremely fast... Unless you're a whizz kid of the keyboard, each game ends within a few minutes.68%
Commodore 64/128Exmon 64 (Interceptor Micros)Exmon 64 will enable the user to write machine code programs in a limited way and has a good set of disc maintenance commands.76%
Acorn ElectronMystery Of The Java Star (Shards)Exceptional value for money and, unlike short action games, the work involved is likely to take a number of days if not weeks.89%
BBC/ElectronShark (Audiogenic)Excellently coded, great fun to play and will repay much effort in exploring the later levels.80%
Amstrad CPC464Home Budget (Amsoft)Excellent... I will be using this to keep my bank account in the black this year.88%
Spectrum 48KClassic Adventure (Melbourne House)Excellent... Every Spectrum owner should have this... Be warned, it's very addictive.93%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Last Jedi (Amazing Games)Excellent value, with hours of intrigue... although marred by some spelling mistakes.98%
Spectrum 48KEnduro (Activision)Everything moves smoothly, and the response to the controls is positive.85%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Xor (Logotron)Every Electron owner who wants more than zap and blast should buy this game.90%
BBC Model BGoal (Tynesoft)Even if you're not a fan, do try and have a play with this game - it is compulsive and intriguing in its own right.70%
BBC/ElectronBug Eyes 2 (Audiogenic)All in all, a very slick and additive game... Even a Sinclair C5 makes an appearance as an advanced form of transport!90%
Spectrum 48KGatecrasher (Quicksilva)Enjoyable, simple at first but becoming much more difficult.75%
Dragon 32/64C-Trek (Compusense)Enjoyable at first, but weak graphics, and poor staying-power.58%
Dragon 32Eduquiz 1 (Gem)Easy to use, fun and educational.78%
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