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Commodore 64/128Imagination (Firebird)A space game, a fantasy story, a modern set in an airfield and a text version of a platform game! You can also get out of any game and return to your computer terminal simply by typing the command 'pinch arm' - a lovely touch.66%
Amstrad CPC464Feud (Bulldog)Compared to Mastertronic's other games, Feud is an old one with a new twist. The twist may be good, but it's not good enough.50%
Amstrad CPC464Dodgy Geezers (Melbourne House)A game in the same humorous vein as Hampstead and Terrormolinos with lots of "can't do that, John" cockney phrases (which don't quite work) thrown in.60%
Commodore 64Hollywood Hi-Jinx (Infocom)Hollywood Hijinx takes an excellent swipe at the movie industry and will be loved by film buffs everywhere, plus, of course, anyone else who enjoys state of the art adventuring.88%
Spectrum 48KRanarama (Hewson Consultants)This is a great game and there is no reason why it shouldn't go straight to the top of the charts.73%
Commodore 64/128Gunship (Microprose)Congratulations to Microprose for turning a much maligned format into an incredibly addictive game.93%
Commodore 16Bridgehead (Anco)A very good game. Watch out for the mines, which can only be taken out with grenades.92%
Commodore 64/128Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons (U. S. Gold)Yes, it's more levels for the Gauntlet addict. However, simply saying it's more of the same, no matter how devious, doesn't seem to be enough.76%
Spectrum 48K/128KEnduro Racer (Activision)The most important things on the course are the ramps or jumps. You must hit these in a wheelie or you'll lose speed badly.96%
Amstrad CPC464Ball Breaker (CRL)The gameplay is very challenging, although, when you get a new ball, it is shot at you from such close range you can't get to it in time.75%
Spectrum 48KTubaruba (Firebird)Only point of note here is that you can hitch a frantic ride through the game on a Sinclair C5... Besides this, the game has little new to offer.45%
Commodore 64/128P.O.D. Proof Of Destruction (Mastertronic)There's no real strategy in this Centipede-knockoff, but the odd thing is I actually found the game rather addictive.45%
Spectrum 48K/128KGhost Hunters (Codemasters)It's another platform game, but it's original and atmospheric enough to capture the imagination.75%
Spectrum 48K/128KSuper Robin Hood (Codemasters)A good game. The impressive animation is similar in style to Ghost Hunters. However, given the choice, I'd opt for the former as I prefer spook smashing.60%
Spectrum 48KBattlefield Germany (PSS)The game has the same plot as Theatre Europe in as much as the game involves the Warsaw Pact countries attacking Europe from the East German border. Where this game differs is in the detail it features.56%
Commodore 64/128Colonial Conquest (Strategic Simulations Inc.)A superb strategy game and a must for all budding imperialists.78%
Amstrad CPC464Shadows Of Mordor (Melbourne House)A much better game than its predecessor and much better value for money, but there is still room for improvement.64%
Amstrad CPC464Thunder Zone (Firebird)There are a lot of very good zap 'em games on the market at the moment and a lot of extremely bad ones. This game falls firmly into this latter category.30%
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2Strike (Mastertronic Added Dimension)Another ten-pin bowling simulation, a sort of budget 10th Frame... There's no variation at all and the four skill levels merely improve the ability of your opponent.35%
Spectrum 48KGunrunner (Hewson Consultants)Gunrunner has the typical slick Hewson look. It looks very good and handles well, but it just doesn't have that elusive addictiveness about it that can transform a very good game into an excellent one.72%
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