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Spectrum 48KPopeye (Gabriele Amore)A waste of time. It's so difficult just to move.25%
Amstrad CPC464Jewel Warehouse (Ego-trip)Colourful and very responsive... It's good - but it's standard platform fare, and by no means astonishing.67%
Commodore 64/128Judge Dredd (Melbourne House)An immense disappointment considering the massive potential of the character.13%
Commodore 64Psycastria (Audiogenic)An uninspiring and overpriced Uridium clone.20%
Commodore 64Bomb Jack II (Elite)I'm amazed! This is really great - infinitely better than the original!80%
Commodore 64/128Arcticfox (Ariolasoft)Uninspiring and dull... I wasn't really expecting much from this. And I got less than I bargained for.35%
Commodore 64Bulldog (Gremlin Graphics)A simple blasting game which provides a couple of hours' entertainment.60%
Commodore 64Galivan (Imagine)A no frills, fair-to-middling shoot-'em-up.53%
Spectrum 48KMermaid Madness (Electric Dreams)If you want a game for cuteness and not lastability I would recommend this one.50%
Spectrum 48KDynamite Dan II (Mirrorsoft)The game is reasonable without being outstanding and is likely to have its greatest appeal with those who enjoyed the original.55%
Commodore 16Project Nova (Gremlin Graphics)The enemy are dangerous and tricky; their ships zoom in and out of range and weave around your laser sights. Only the most skilful pilot will survive.85%
Amstrad CPC464Molecule Man (Mastertronic)The problems as such are simpler than most games of this ilk, not involving the manipulation of vast numbers of objects for instance. But they easily gave me a good run for my money.70%
Commodore 64/128Mind Pursuit (U. S. Gold)One big plus in its favour is that it clearly defines what it requires from an answer, and it quite often ignores mis-spellings if it thinks it's "close enough".45%
Commodore 64Dragon's Lair (Software Projects)Quite honestly, I don't think you'll enjoy playing the game but you'll certainly enjoy beating it!50%
Commodore 64/128Time Of The End (Mandarin Adventures)Time Of The End sets quite a few interesting puzzles that will provide excellent stimulation of your grey matter.75%
Amstrad CPC464Knight Tyme (Mastertronic)The conversion to the Amstrad has been very good and the standard of graphics is excellent.85%
Spectrum 48KSuper Bowl (Ocean)A fascinating mix or arcade and strategy which simulates the amazing sport of American Football.70%
Spectrum 48KLabyrinthion (Budgie)Labyrinthion suffers from being overly complex. Had Alligata simplified things and made the general appearance window clearer, this would have been a more than reasonable arcade adventure.45%
Sinclair QL3D Slime (Datalink)The typical game that gets played addictively in offices when the players should be working.60%
Commodore 64/128Asylum (All American Adventures)Like most old hospitals, the corridors are dull and forbidding but the rooms burst on the screen in glorious colour... For seasoned adventurers or beginners, this disk is highly recommended.75%
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