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Amiga 500Batman The Movie (Ocean)Batman: The Movie may not be a perfect character tie-in, but it is as good a rendition of the film as anyone could have hoped for.82%
Amiga 500Life And Death (The Software Toolworks)For the curiosity value alone, this is one package you have just got to see - and if you value originality more than variety you may end up buying it too.70%
Amiga 500Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun (Mindscape International Inc)It's not an essential purchase by any means, but it's well worth a look if you want a good laugh.76%
Amiga 500High Steel (Screen 7 Ltd)If there was a prize given for the game with the most unfulfilled potential, High Steel would be a runaway winner - but there isn't... so this is one arcade outing that remains a good idea, but ultimately misses the mark.64%
BBC/ElectronMicrostuffer 64K Printer Buffer (Supra)If you rarely use your printer it isn't necessary, but if you regularly print large documents it could repay itself in time saved very quickly.100%
Game BoyShanghai (HAL America)Very addictive. It doesn't quite match up to Tetris though, and the limited number of boards may mean it won't have quite the same longevity. Definitely worth a look though.79%
Game BoyMystical Ninja Starring Goemon (Konami)A brave attempt at a well-trodden genre, but it falls short when compared to other Game Boy action/RPGs like Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy.60%
Game Boy ColorPower Quest (Sunsoft)The 'quick-start' beat-'em-up option makes it a great game to take with you on the move and is therefore perfect Game Boy fodder.85%
Game BoyWave Race (Nintendo)You're not going to get many hours out of this one... and RC Pro-Am has a similar feel but far more exciting handling and better animation - pick that up instead!66%
Game Boy ColorStar Wars: Episode I - Racer (Lucasarts)A brilliant game and easily the best racing game on the Game Boy Color.93%
Game Boy ColorFIFA 2000 (Electronic Arts)Some of the graphics are wonderfully detailed, despite being generally messy, and there are enough options to please even the fussiest gamer.73%
Game Boy ColorTasmanian Devil: Munching Madness (Sunsoft)Brilliant! A superb fast-spinning stormer! The levels are outrageously huge.85%
Game Boy ColorWWF Wrestlemania 2000 (THQ)A lame, boring beat-'em-up. The sound effects and music would be laughable if they weren't so tooth-grindingly annoying, and the graphics are roughly to the standard of a ZX Spectrum.49%
Game Boy ColorCarmageddon (SCI Games)Not the best of driving games. A bit pants really, and worth only a few minutes' play.36%
Game Boy ColorNoddy And The Birthday Party (BBC Software)It's colourful, well animated and thoroughly endearing but not exactly a taxing test of skill.72%
Game Boy ColorBabe and Friends (Crave Entertainment)This game is definitely one for the younger Game Boy Color player... Once played, forever mastered.70%
Game Boy ColorTiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 (Electronic Arts)Poor graphics and incredibly boring gameplay make this a sleep-inducing title, even if you've only just got out of bed!43%
Game Boy ColorDéjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding (Kotobuki System)With shades of the PlayStation's Broken Sword II, this game is incredibly addictive and a must for all Game Boy Color adventure fans.90%
Game Boy ColorStreet Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Capcom)Unlike the older Game Boy version, this one is super-fast, but the characters are quite small. It does have loads of great animation and plenty of special moves though.85%
Game Boy ColorStar Wars: Yoda Stories (THQ)Great graphics, cool tunes, an engrossingly story line and lots to see and do make this the perfect game! Grab your light sabre and get stuck in.84%
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