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Spectrum 48K/128KThe Key Of Hope (Games Workshop)Sets a high standard for other Quilled games to achieve.65%
BBC Model BWizadore (Imagine)A well-paced game. Timing is far more critical in Wizadore than many games available and it should be action-packed for just about anyone.70%
Commodore 64Spitfire '40 (Mirrorsoft)Gripping stuff. More than just a shooting game; it is a full simulation.80%
BBC Model BRevs (Acornsoft)The best racing game I have ever seen on any computer, and I play a lot of racing games. A real must for any BBC owner.100%
Amstrad CPC464Rasterscan (Mastertronic)The graphics are up to scratch, as are the sound effects and music.50%
Spectrum 48K/PlusMad Nurse (Firebird)The graphics are very good and clear, and the interlude graphics are very good as well.74%
Commodore 16Phantom (Tynesoft)An excellent game which is great all round.97%
Spectrum 48KQuake Minus One (Beyond)The game's graphics and accompanying music titled the Titan Match, help capture the atmosphere of the battle and will ensure that mobiles are kept moving for months to come.90%
Commodore 64Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (Alligata)The game is above parr, and if you play effishently, you will put the other flounders t'rout.55%
Commodore 64Lands Of Havoc (Microdeal)The game resembles Cuthbert And The Tombs Of Doom, an earlier Microdeal product, but it does hold the interest.80%
Commodore 64Wizard (CRL)Yet another excellent argument for buying a disk drive.85%
Spectrum 48KSpy Vs. Spy (Beyond)This is an excellent game and every Spectrum owner should add it to their collection immediately.100%
Commodore 64Five-A-Side Football (Anirog)The synthesised singing of the crowd and a sprinkling of voice synthesis gives Anirog another winner.70%
Spectrum 48KJuggernaut (CRL)Watch your speed as any speeding fines are also deducted from your score!85%
Commodore 64Rupert And The Toy Maker's Party (Quicksilva)This game is alright. Not brilliant, but reasonable.55%
Commodore 64Destroyer (Epyx)Will test you, your nerve and your joystick to the limits.80%
BBC Model BRevs (Acornsoft)This game will reap rewards if it can be played for a long time, but for the impatient (like myself) the game will hold nothing.81%
Commodore 64/128Yie Ar Kung Fu II (Imagine)A totally unoriginal game with nothing in the gameplay to recommend it whatsoever. Give it the chop.40%
Commodore 64/128Star Soldier (Quicksilva)As the difficulty of the mission increases you'll have to face more and more enemy troops until you have to weave your way through a snow storm of bullets just to survive.90%
Spectrum 48K/128KKayleth (U. S. Gold)If you're a lover of both SF and good adventures, then Kayleth is for you.80%
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