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Commodore 64Bubble Ghost (ERE Informatique)A pretty good C64 conversion - could have been better, though.62%
Commodore 64/128Purple Heart (CRL)A reasonably good variation on Ikari Warriors.58%
Commodore 64Final Assault (Epyx)A competent, but very tedious, version of a sport that doesn't really work as a sim.41%
Commodore 64Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon (Cinemaware)Very good, action-packed adventure with plenty to keep you occupied.80%
Amiga 500Whirligig (Firebird)Technically clever, but that's the problem. It's too clever.38%
Commodore 64Street Sports Soccer (Epyx)Just as much fun as kicking a ball about in your back garden - and you can't break your neighbour's windows!75%
Commodore 64Supercup Football (Rack-It)An adequate overhead view footy game which isn't too bad for the price.67%
Amiga 500Virus (Rainbird)An excellent and innovative game, but Virus is an acquired taste.84%
BBC Model BFelix Meets The Evil Weevils (Micro Power)The graphics are very good with smooth movement in all directions.75%
Amiga 500Tracers (Microillusions)A very good example of a Tron-style game with its share of strengths and weaknesses.74%
Amiga 500Street Fighter (Capcom)So feeble that you really will be able to beat 'em all up - first go.21%
Commodore 64/128Wargame Construction Kit (Strategic Simulations Inc.)Performs its function well, and is worth getting if you want to try out your own wargame designs within a traditional framework.79%
Commodore 64The Faery Tale Adventure (Microillusions)If you're patient, fancy yourself as a bit of a fighting machine and like making maps, you might want to give this a go.76%
Commodore 64/128Murder Off Miami (CRL)This game was a pleasant surprise and I think it's one of their better games.81%
Commodore 64/128Gunship (Microprose)On disk, a superlative flight/combat simulation. On tape, don't bother.94%
Commodore 64/128Zone Ranger (Firebird)A neat and cheap addition to the shoot-'em-up range.80%
Commodore 64Wiz Biz (Alternative)Mapping is illogical, the frustration of which is accentuated by the lack of gameplay and atmosphere.33%
BBC Model BMikie (Imagine)A very difficult game to play. In particular, the corridor scenes seem to me to rely as much on luck as on skill.
Commodore 64/12819 Part 1 Boot Camp (Cascade)An impressive Combat School clone; but try before you buy.70%
Commodore 64Rogue (Mastertronic)Only worth a look if you're a (very) big RPG fan.10%
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