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The Micro User 4.10 (1st December 1986) (BBC/Electron, Magazine)

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Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition (Domark)
The BBC Micro version of Trivial Pursuit is embarrassingly inferior to its Amstrad and Commodore counterparts.
Bridge Mentor II (Minic Business System)
It can cope with many variations and, within the not-inconsiderable limitations imposed by the BBC Micro's memory constraints, proves more than a match for any serious Bridge player.
Repton 3 (Superior)
I can say with complete confidence that Repton 3 will outsell every other game for the BBC Micro this Christmas.
Thunderstruck (Audiogenic)
The game's graphics are big and brightly coloured, the puzzles varied in their levels of difficulty.
Rebel Planet (U. S. Gold)
Should particularly appeal to those who like a combination of science-fiction and occasional deft humour.
Kane (Mastertronic)
Sound effects are very good - the arrows fly with a nice thwap and dead birds hit the deck with a realistic thud.