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Amstrad Action #15 (1st December 1986) (Amstrad CPC464, Magazine)

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Caesar's Travels (Mirrorsoft)
An excellent way to introduce toddlers to reading.
Play School (School)
The options available will no doubt prove valuable teaching aids for the youngsters, and more importantly, keep them interested.
Physics (School)
Slowly but surely, the educational market is coming to its senses. If you compare the titles reviewed here with those back in the April issue of Amstrad Action - well, there can be no comparison; real progress is being made.
Chemistry (School)
I mustn't complain too bitterly as there are so few of these educational programs around.
Lightforce (Faster Than Light/Gargoyle)
Light Force is beautiful: the graphics, the scrolling, use of colour, blasting satisfaction, depth, alien variety and 'give me another go or I'll blast you' appeal.
Druid (Firebird)
The variety of the graphics, monsters and mazes will keep you wanting to play, and the eight increasingly difficult floors will present an excellent challenge.
Prodigy (Electric Dreams)
The sound and graphics are amazing but it is hard; in fact you can wander around for ages without managing to accomplish anything.
Activator (Cascade Games)
It has some decent graphics, with good explosive noise. Apart from that, there is not much for me to recommend.
Trivial Pursuit (Domark)
As a multi-player game, it's as good as the board game and makes use of both sound and graphics capabilities.
Virgin Atlantic Challenge Game (Virgin)
It's all too easy to die: while carrying out maintenance on the engine, you will undoubtedly strike an iceberg; or you will be avoiding the iceberg, only to find the engine overheats and bang, you sink!
Beach Head II (US Gold)
How can US Gold dare to put out such muck on the market? The program is riddled with bugs.
Video Poker (Mastertronic)
Nice graphics, awful sound and gameplay.
The Trap Door (Piranha)
A game that should appeal to all ages, although hardened game-players will probably manage to crack it quite quickly. Still great fun while you're trying.
Kettle (Alligata)
Lots of originality, intriguing options and tough levels to cope with... Flying around the cave systems destroying bowels will get a little repetitive though.
Popeye (Macmillan)
Chunky graphics and garish colours. It's annoying to walk off the edge of a screen and straight into a creature.
Street Hawk (Ocean)
Good scrolling roadway and a progressive difficulty to keep you interested.
It's A Knockout (Ocean)
This over-hyping of utter rubbish has to stop!
Timelord (Alpha Omega)
A lot of screens to explore... Not bad for those of you who love doing maps; not good if you want a bit of variety.
Glider Rider (Quicksilva)
Wonderful animation on the glider, superb 3D graphics and fabulous music.
Frost Byte (Mikro-Gen)
The five caves should be enough to test anyone... The only problem will be staying cool while dealing with the deadly opponents.
Trailblazer (Gremlin)
Fast, scrolling path gives good impression of movement. It's wonderful when you complete a course without a fault.
Pipeline 2 (Mastertronic)
Nice cartoony graphics, but rather too easy to complete.
Miami Dice (Bug-Byte)
Nice characters, with amusing antics and merry music to accompany your betting in a slow and boring, repetitive game.
Xeno (A 'n F/Argus Press)
Simple and addictive gameplay and parameters which allow you to change the game to suit any speed or skill.
Galvan (Imagine)
Certainly not one of the better coin-op conversions. You'll find yourself wandering around doing a lot of shooting, which achieves little except to gain you the odd pyramid.
Questor (Cascade Games)
Lots of objects and locations but control is difficult, causing annoying deaths.
Icon Jon (Mirrorsoft)
A bit tough to start with, but once you're well into the game there are plenty of objects, puzzles and humour that will keep you bashing away for many an hour.
Inheritance (Infogrames)
The graphics in all sections are excellent, featuring interesting characters and locations. The problem-solving is most evident in the first game.
Leather Goddesses Of Phobos (Infocom/Activision)
Very amusing, packed with features, brilliantly designed, and complete with scratch 'n' sniff and 3D glasses... It's also quite disgusting, and all in the best possible taste.
After Shock (Interceptor)
It's one of Interceptor's better adventures, but let's face it: the standard, with one or two exceptions, isn't that high.
Return To Oz (US Gold)
This could have been a very enjoyable game for younger players, but I wonder if it isn't just a bit too limited. Certainly anyone who's done even a modicum of adventuring would find it very simple fare.

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