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Power Quest

Power Quest

It's surprising how some game styles that you would think were totally opposed can go together so well. One such combination can be found in Power Quest.

Essentally Power Quest is a beat-'em-up. It's been programmed by Capcom, those illustrious fellows who gave us Street Fighter, so you know it's probably going to be good, and as far as the fighting goes - it is!

Players can choose from one of six different combatants, each of whom has different strengths and weaknesses. Some are very fast, but not that strong, others are more powerful than Hercules, but move like they're struggling through treacle!

As with games such as Street Fighter, pulling off sequences of moves results in more devastating attacks than just single strikes. Each character has his/her own special moves in addition to a whole range of standard ones and the combat is very reminiscent of the great Street Fighter games. You can play the game solely as a beat-'em-up, using the one-player mode to take on a succession of computer players, or you can use the link-up facility to battle a friend head-to-head - this alone is worth the purchase price as it is far more satisfying to clobber a friend!

But that's not the main game. Choose Story mode and you enter a slightly different game. It seems that (in the game) your whole town is obsessed with a sport called 'modelling'. This is where kids and adults build radio-controlled figures who attack each rather than getting their own hands dirty. Cowardly, but less painful!

You assume the role of a first-time modeller, and your aim is to win the championships. To do this, you need to buy your model, train it up, and gain the experience to enter and win the contest. Batting opponents all over town, you must earn enough cash to enhance your model fighter and ultimately become the modelling champion.

As far as fighting games go, Power Quest is pretty damn good and the fact that it is in full sizzling colour adds considerably to the overall appeal. The role playing element ensures longevity and it is a novel touch. Ultimately, the 'quick-start' beat-'em-up option makes it a great game to take with you on the move and is therefore perfect Game Boy fodder.

Overall 85%