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Batman: The Movie (Ocean) (Amiga 500)

By Ciaran Brennan Published In The One #14


Batman: The Movie

Batman: The Movie

Ocean has a long-standing reputation as king of the film licence - its treatment of some of the biggest movies in recent years (including The Untouchables, Platoon and Robocop), has now led to its biggest and most ambitious celluloid-to-disk conversion job to date - Batman: The Movie.

But when you consider that the film itself had a tough enough job living up to its phenomenal hype, creating a game that does would be no mean feat.

The bat-game follows the movie's threadbare plot quite accurately, placing you in Michael Keaton's platform rubber boots and asking you to clean up Gotham City. But really it's a face-off between you and Gotham's master of crime... aka The Joker.

With a character as fundamental as Batman, it can't be easy to fit him into a single scenario from an almost infinite selection - but dang my poons if Ocean's third effort isn't a corker.

Perhaps the limitations of the film's plot were an advantage in channeling the superhero's exploits into a more manageable chunk, but even then there was a lot for the game's designer to choose from. However, out of the five sections, only three are really worthwhile: the driving section looks and feels really nice, but they both lack substance and depth, while the third section is almost laughably simplistic.

But forget these criticisms and bury yourself in the first and last swinging sections which are as enjoyable as any standalone platform game. Batman The Movie may not be a perfect character tie-in, but it is as good a rendition of the film as anyone could have hoped for.

Graphics 78%
Playability 88%
Sound 82%
Value For Money 73%
Overall 82%