Chewing Gum's Review Of The Time Machine (Molimerx) for the Colour Genie - Everygamegoing

This is the second in the Mysterious Adventures' series. Like the first (The Golden Baton), it is a very easy adventure to solve and should provide excellent training for the novice adventurer.

You are cast in the role of a newspaper reporter sent to interview one Dr. Potter, an unusual scientist who has been known to have some very strange people in very odd garb, travelling to and from and his house! In your haste to meet with him, you venture foolishly onto the moors at a late hour - and are soon lost in the fog.

It took me about two hours to solve this adventure [I did it in 90 mins - Ed]. Though the storyline is unusual there are not many serious obstacles in the game. The Time Machine (when you find it) randomly travels between three periods of our past until three glass prisms are found and inserted into the machine (one in each time period unless you know the bug!). Once this is done, you can use it properly to travel forward in time and complete the game with the rescue of the doctor.

The hardest part (if you can call any part of this adventure hard) is whilst on the moors. This is a maze and being lost is quite hazardous and the only hint is to perservere in one direction.

So, if you are a novice adventurer or a seasoned pro looking for a break, I would highly recommend a venture in The Time Machine.