Circuitry (Spectrum 48K/128K) -
Circuitry (2017) (Spectrum 48K/128K, Cassette)
Publisher: Monument Microgames (Official Web Site)
Monte Cristo Multimedia | Monument Microgames | Moonchild

Genre: Arcade; Platform Game

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K

Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1

| Side 2 | Side 3)

Available For:
Spectrum 48K/128K

Compatible Emulators: ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

How To Play

A traditional serial level platform game in which you avoid the patrolling nasties, collect the flashing items and attempt to exit through the level door.

Game Information

Original Release Date: 4th Dec 2017
Original Release Price: £9.50
Market Valuation: £15.71 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 84g
Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Clear
Author(s): John Blythe

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What They Said

"A cramped, but pretty cracking, little game. It's quirky, and that's admirable enough that it gets my vote." (Read Full Review)
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Where To Get It

A digital version of this item can be downloaded right here at Everygamegoing (All our downloads are in .zip format).

DownloadWhat It ContainsLink
A digital version of Circuitry suitable for ZXSpin (PC (Windows)), Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))


Circuitry | Mission Data: Nano Project Epsilon | Game Controls | Loading


It's murder on the motherboard! Lines of bad code, Frequent crashes, and full of bugs. Perfect!

The Military Bio and Al Research Division of Revanox has gone rogue, and data is being fed to a computer brain which could topple world order.

Only you, an organism at the cutting edge of miniaturised bio-robotics, can enter the machine and put things right!

Circuitry: Claustrophobic platforming mayhem - taken back to its digital roots.

Mission Data: Nano Project Epsilon

SecuriCorp have been at the forefront of military technology for decades, but on this fateful day there has been a major hack at the private outsource R&D company, Revanox.

As a result, the hackers have inadvertently activated an uncontrollable computer consciousness, mothballed since 1982, which is now wreaking havoc. Not only that, but highly sensitive security data is being transferred into its positronic matrix, leaving the fate of human-kind hanging in the balance.

In a last ditch attempt to retain as much data as possible and prevent the undermining of society, SecuriCorp are sending in their own rival AI.

Project Epsilon: Nan'O'Bot!

You, as Nan'O'Bot, will infiltrate the mainframe and rescue as much data as you can before Revanox rip the feed to the AI's power circuits!

Good hunting, Nan'O'Bot!

Navigate the cramped innards of the master computer and collect the crucial data. Make your way to the transfer zone and avoid the deadly guardians!

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, K - Jump

Or use Kempston or Sinclair joysticks.



128K owners should select Tape Loader from the main menu and press ENTER.

Circuitry 128K version loads in approximately 4 minutes. Circuitry 48K version loads in approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds.

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