Games And Other Things Written by George K. -

George K.

The following games are known (or thought) to have been written by George K.

Beerland Beerland
(1991) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Items: Beerland (Proxima Software, Cassette), Letris Compilation (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Heroes '92 Heroes '92
(1992) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Items: Heroes '92 (Proxima Software, Cassette), Heroes Compilation (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Inferno Inferno
(1993) (Spectrum 128K)
Items: Inferno (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Jmeno Ruze Jmeno Ruze
(1991) (Spectrum 128K)
Genre: Arcade: Adventure (ADULT)
Items: Jmeno Ruze (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Mah Jongg Mah Jongg
(1992) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Board Game
Items: Mah Jongg (Proxima Software, Cassette), Mah Jongg Compilation (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Revenge Revenge
(1984) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Arcade: Shoot-em-up
Items: Revenge (Proxima Software, Cassette)
SQ-Compiler SQ-Compiler
(1993) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Utility: Music
Items: SQ-Compiler (Proxima Software, Cassette)
SQ-Tracker SQ-Tracker
(1993) (Spectrum 128K)
Genre: Utility: Music
Items: SQ-Tracker (Proxima Software, Cassette)
Telefony Telefony
(1992) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Telefony (Proxima Software, Cassette), Mah Jongg Compilation (Proxima Software, Cassette)
(1984) (Spectrum 48K)
Genre: Utility: I/O Handling
Items: Tolkien (George K., Cassette)

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