Games And Other Things Written by Kees Van Oss -

Kees Van Oss

The following games are known (or thought) to have been written by Kees Van Oss

Egghead In Space Egghead In Space
(2016) (Acorn Atom)
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Egghead In Space (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)
A free-roaming arcade adventure/platform game where you must locate a disc full of Egghead's favourite computer games on an alien rocket ship.
Jet Set Willy Jet Set Willy
(2015) (Acorn Atom)
Genre: Jet Set Willy
Items: Jet Set Willy (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)
Traverse all the rooms of Jet Set Willy's mansion in the game that defined a generation.
Jet Set Willy II Jet Set Willy II
(2015) (Acorn Atom)
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Jet Set Willy II (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)
Explore Willy's colossal mansion, collecting items from each room, so that Maria the maid will let you go to bed.
Manic Miner Manic Miner
(2017) (Acorn Atom)
Items: Manic Miner (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)
Tomcat Tomcat
(2016) (Acorn Atom)
Genre: Vertically Scrolling Shoot-'Em-Up
Items: Tomcat (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)
Fly over a rogue island, avoiding the bullets from the gun turrets and the snaking formations of aliens.

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