Games And Other Things Written by R. Hamilton -

R. Hamilton

The following games are known (or thought) to have been written by R. Hamilton

A10 Bomber A10 Bomber
(1984) (Colour Genie)
Genre: Moonraider
Items: A10 Bomber (Ipswich Software Factory, Cassette)
Geniepede Geniepede
(1984) (Colour Genie)
Genre: Centipede
Items: Geniepede (Ipswich Software Factory, Cassette)
A fast centipede descent game where you must avoid various nasties and clear as many sheets as possible.
Jet Set Billy Jet Set Billy
(1982) (Colour Genie)
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Jet Set Billy (Arcade Games, Cassette)
A platform game in which you collect the moneybags and avoid or shoot the patrolling nasties.

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