It's confirmed! 29th September 2018 at The Factory Studio, 28 Limehouse Cut, 46 Morris Road, London E14 6NQ

Hot Poses Cool Poses: Poses Gallery

This section shows a gallery of poses I personally find interesting, sexy, cute or just "right" for the Hot Girls Cool Computers project.

I have just collected these up by searching randomly on Google and none of these poses features computers, which of course means that we don't just want to emulate these (i.e. take identical pictures). However, they all have a similar flavour and so can be useful for the photographer in trying to get a handle on the look I want.

Oh, and I note all these women are white - Google seems to have an excess of white models posing and not really so many (i.e. any) Asian, mixed race or black models...! We want a selection of different races. ;-)