It's confirmed! 29th September 2018 at The Factory Studio, 28 Limehouse Cut, 46 Morris Road, London E14 6NQ

Models FAQs

I've put together these FAQs for the first photoshoot, and an introduction to the Hot Girls Cool Computers project.

What Are You Looking For?

Five professional female models, all ethnicities, aged 18-30 (or older, if you still look in that age bracket).

To Do What?

To pose with retro computers in a studio environment whilst we take pictures of them ;-)

What's The Look?

Sultry, sexy, cute, funny, girls-next-doorsy images.

What's The Photography Style?

Uncomplicated "white background" images, complementary girls and computers. Mostly full-length shots. There is a mood board here, and each image will also feature one of these machines.

Your own poses in the same style may excite our imagination, particularly if any of the machines give you an idea for a 'look'/outfit.


For an art-book called Hot Girls Cool Computers (Working Title) which will feature the final glossy prints of each girl-computer combination that we choose.

Does Anything Rule Me Out?

Tattoos and really short hair aren't suitable for this first shoot (but see What Will The Photos Of Me Be Used For?, below).

What's Provided?

Hair & Make Up Artist, Photographer, Direction (and probably a cup of tea).

What Do I Wear?

Please bring:

  1. Jeans and T-shirt (T-shirt should be plain and inoffensive)
  2. Something in which you feel your most comfortable
  3. Bikini top and bottom
  4. Any other outfits you may own that suit the 'look' we want

Do You Want Me To Model Nude?

Definitely not. It's a "family-friendly" book. Think PG-rated sexiness (alluring poses) rather than anything that would be on the Adult Channel.

Why The Different Styles?

This is the initial shoot where "we" (by which I mean me) will decide the tone of the book itself.


The Factory Studio
28 Limehouse Cut
46 Morris Road
London E14 6NQ

Web Link:

At What Time?

The studio is booked for 29th September 2018. You will be given a time slot to attend on that day. We are shooting all day. We aim to start shooting pictures at 10:00am and finish around 5:00pm. You will be made up for 30 minutes to 60 minutes before the shoot.

For How Long?

Minimum 2 hours (including prep)

How Much Do I Get Paid?

Please quote your rates for two hours' work when contacting us (See below). If we need you for longer (i.e. if we have time), we'll pay the additional pro rata.

How Do I Get Paid?

On the day of the shoot, in cash, at the studio.

Is Travelling To The Shoot Covered Too?

Yes, to the extent that if you spend £XX.XX on a train ticket to get to the venue, we'll pay for that on the day.

What Will The Photos Of Me Be Used For?

This first shoot aims to produce five high-quality images (one of each of the five girls with a machine) that will be used to promote a crowdfunding campaign for a book. On successful crowdfunding, more complicated and ambitious photographs are planned. The more ambitious photos may or may not be studio-based, so if you can't make this initial casting but you're still interested in the project then get in touch.

Will My Face Be Shown?


Are You Getting A Decent Hair & Make-Up Artist?


Will I Be Credited In The Book?

Yes, so when the book is published you have the opportunity to add your FB, instagram handle, links to portfolios, web site, whatever you would like.

Who'll Be There On The Day?

  1. Dave E, webmaster of who is funding the shoot
  2. Daniel Xavier, photographer
  3. Hair & Make Up Artist (Identity to be confirmed and then I'll rewrite this bit)
  4. You

Is There The Possibility Of Further Work?

Yes! If the project is successfully crowdfunded and you are a natural fit to the project, and you fit with a variety of the different proposed future pictures.

How Do I Get In Touch?

Send me an e-mail (Put "HGCC Potential Model" as the subject) or contact me via Facebook. You can also ask any further questions and I'll do my best to answer them.